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Know Edit Admin Ready
Making women know wikipedia
idea creator
Yin May Lwin
created on11:59, Thursday, March 19, 2015 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

(1)Number of editors

percentage of male editors>that of female editors


Women show less interest in wikipedia than men.


don't have time to edit wikipedia.


difficult for newcomers


Thinking that they don't have much knowledge to contribute an article.

(6)Reason why

Some women want to know the reason why they should edit wikipedia.

What is your solution?[edit]


There are many women who don't know wikipedia. Make them know wikipedia

(1)via TV[edit]

In television series,there should be scenes in which stars are editing wikipedia.

(2)via social media[edit]

Posting status about "wikiedit feeling" on social media. eg,"Today on wiki,so happy"

(3)via Websites and blogs[edit]

EXCHANGE Let people create a 5 sentence page about their websites,and make them put "edit wikipedia" icon on their websites SEARCH What do women search on google?

around 10 =Cartoon,Anime

around 20 =Actors,Singers,Meanings

around 30 = Beautifying tips,work

around 40 = Family,Places to travel

around 50 = TV,biographies

around 60 = religion

Wiki icon on websites about religion will make women around 60 know wikipedia.

But this icon shouldn't be a link this should be only a picture.

If they want to know what wikipedia is,they will search it on google.

If that icon is a link that directs them to wikipedia main page,they might close the tab.

(4) via games and applications[edit]

Let developers create a "5 sentence page" on wikipedia about their apps,and make them show edit wiki icon in their apps.

(5) via wallpapers[edit]

Beautiful wallpapers which contains the word "Wiki".

(6) via Photo Frame[edit]

In photo editing applications,there are "Time magazine" photo frames.

People should have "Wikipedia photo frames",too.

(7)via Competitions on wikipedia[edit]

Competitions on wiki that many people can take part in.

For example,

Wikipedia ringtone Competition,Wikipedia Animation Competition,Wikipedia Documentary Competition,etc(with voting system)

(8)via voting on wikipedia[edit]

For example,

Best person of Year 20_ _


Active Women[edit]

The name of the country with highest number of female visitors should be shown on main page


For example, 10 women search the things they want to know on search engines. How many of them click wikipedia page?



Sister Editing[edit]

For example,

a page contains many subtitles.

A girl writes the contents in a title and another girl another title in the same page.

To find the girls from the visitor list of that page.

If the girls are registered users,there should be a notification for each of the girls!

Eg Notification, A girl like you is interested in this page!Do you want to make sister editing with her?

Sister Milestone[edit]

Eg notification,

"Your Highness,you have made 100 contributions on wikipedia.Meet another princess like you.And expand her 5 contributions".


Asking female wiki editors why they are editing wiki pages.


Active Women[edit]

The name of the country with highest number of female admins should be shown on Edit section.


Wikipedia is not difficult! If men think wiki is easy,women must try to think like this.Must face these difficulties.

There is enough time. If men have enough time to edit,women must try to have enough time.

Editing wikipedia pages is not studying. But it is helping others easy to study.

Project goals[edit]

To reduce the gender gap

Get involved[edit]


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