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Secular calendar of visible women
The idea is to create an annual calendar. Like the calendars of Roman Catholic saints, to make visible a woman every day, depending on the day of her birth or death (if they match both in the same day). The calendar will be accompanied by a book (digital and paper) with a short biography of each.
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Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

In many cases, the work of these women has been recognized, in one way or another. But in others they had to use the name of their husbands or male pseudonym to be themselves and enter a world that were forbidden.

This first year only we will be able to incorporate 365, but this could be repeated each year, incorporating other women. The selection will be very difficult and as a criterion, I want to focus on women around the world, dead or not, born before 1935, who have distinguished for their contributions to the disciplines of the arts and sciences. An example of the invisibility of women, even in the twenty-first century is the traditionally female area, as is the kitchen, is also being subjugated by men.

What is your solution?[edit]

To have a systematic way, as there are "The Days of ..." with at least one woman per day to be remembered, considered, made visible ... the way of Chinese gout, which seeps slowly, tirelessly on society ... until the presence of women who have helped to change the world, be something known and naturalized all over the world.


It aims to be a showcase, a way to bring something positive to this world of invisible women. I want to edit it from the conviction that I have that this calendar can serve as an example and pride for all women, and encouragement for those who are not afraid to take charge of their own life and live through their husbands, daughters or children. I'm sure there are a dream and a need to do it in each and every one of the women, although some determination to do them missing.

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