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South Eastern Queer Arts
South Eastern Queer Arts is dedicated to expanding the visibility of LGBT artists throughout the Southeastern USA, giving another venue to share, promote and encourage the creative forces within our vast society.
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created on04:46, 28 March 2015 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

We need exposure and collaboration between galleries and artists.

What is your solution?[edit]

We need more independent galleries, art walks, museums and campuses to participate in the South Eastern Queer Arts Week Sept. 25 - Oct. 3, 2015.


We are connecting as many artists and galleries or venues throughout the South East US to celebrate LGBT art during South Eastern Queer Arts Week, which starts Friday evening, Sept.25 and ends Sunday, Oct. 3. I would like to have at least 100 galleries, museums, campuses and any other venues to participate. We want to create a networking website where artists and galleries can connect and share the vast resources within our LGBT community.

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Project plan[edit]


South Eastern Queer Arts is dedicated to expanding the visibility of LGBT artists throughout the Southeastern USA, giving another venue to share, promote and encourage the creative forces within our vast society. Join our South Eastern Queer Arts Week by becoming an exhibitor, an artist or an attendee at any of our events. South Eastern Queer Arts Week is celebrated this year beginning Friday evening September 25 and continues through Sunday Evening October 3. Museums, independent art galleries and studios, art walks, libraries, colleges and many entertainment venues throughout the southeast will be participating in this event by displaying artwork by LGBT artists. We are creating a nice advertising tri-fold brochure that can be used as a standing display for the artist or gallery to announce their participation in SEQA Week. Our test will be the number of responses generated and the number of participants registering. Our deadline for having all brochures ready to mail is June 30. Right now, we are only a few people with vision and a goal to help create an event uniting LGBT artists and venues together in celebration of LGBT art.


Web Site Development: $500 USD • We have registered two domains: South Eastern Queer and South Eastern Queer We need developers to create a more professional site. We are using a free site,, to experiment with. • We need a domain host Graphics Design: $500 USD • We need a graphic artist to help with the artwork/design for our brochure. Our tri-fold brochure is designed for the artist or the small gallery to use alongside their art giving them credit for their work. They may insert their business card in the center of the brochure if they wish. • Business cards, 200 – 300. Advertising: $500 USD • We need to place ads in as many venues as possible for the least cost. Legal: $250 • We need some legal advice, as to whether we should incorporate, file as tax-exempt non-profit, etc.

Community engagement[edit]

We have registered our local LGBT agency as an exhibitor for LGBT art, not just for SEQA Week, but as a permanent addition to their program. We have contacted two local colleges Arts Departments providing information. We are in communication with participants in Miami and St. Augustine, FL.


Our website will continue even after SEQA Week comes to an end. Our expenses should be very little after our start-up, and we already have fund-raising events planned to help sponsor our work.

Measures of success[edit]

Our project will successfully kick off Friday night Sept. 25 with ribbon-cutting ceremonies throughout the South East.We will measure our success by the number of participants registered, media coverage, and recognition. Our initial goal was to register 150 participants but now we are considering raising that to 200. We already have 4 participants registered within the first week of creation.

Project team[edit]

Harvey McDaniel - Executive Director - South Eastern Queer Arts. 20 plus years organizing promotions, events, displays, advertising and networking within a major retail chain. I am, so far, the only person in our organization. I may have to incorporate, and if so have Board Members ready to sign on, and if not, dedicated volunteers like myself are ready to continue on with a vision.

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