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WikiProject Mental health
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The purpose of this project is raise awareness and understanding of contributors with mental health challenges, to support volunteers who have mental health challenges, and to empower all editors to work with editors who have mental health challenges constructively and productively.
created on: 13:28, 10 November 2013

Project idea[edit]

One of the aspects of diversity is mental or psychiatric diversity, and to be an inclusive community, we need to be able to support volunteers with a variety of mental and emotional styles and challenges.

Project goals[edit]

  • Research into what we know already about mental health issues in our community; a review of available research on online communities in general, as it would be adaptable
  • Develop a best practices guide and instructions for working with volunteers with mental health challenges
  • Create a global WikiProject on Meta
  • Raise awareness about and sympathy towards community members with mental health challenges

Get involved[edit]

Welcome, brainstormers! Your feedback on this idea is welcome. Please click the "discussion" link at the top of the page to start the conversation and share your thoughts.

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