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We are reimagining WMF Grants! Please read more about the outcomes from our community consultation and next steps for implementing changes to the grants programs. The open call for new Project Grants will begin 1 July 2016, with a new grant submission form available 30 May 2016.

30 June 2016 is the deadline for submitting grant requests under the current Project & Event Grants program.

Questions? Contact grants(at)

About the Project and Event Grants Program

Project and Event Grants (PEG) support organizations, groups, and individuals to undertake innovative, mission-aligned projects that benefit the Wikimedia movement.

PEG funds projects that increase access to and quality of free knowledge around the world, including the following:

  1. Activities with proven effectiveness in reaching the Wikimedia movement's strategic goals of reach, participation, and quality
  2. Innovative new projects as experiments to reach our strategic goals
  3. Annual plans for Wikimedia organizations (without staff) focused on actively growing local free knowledge
  4. Activities and experiments that increase the diversity of our editing population and content base

The PEG program process is public and led by the voluntary Grant Advisory Committee (GAC). We accept grant submissions at any time and in any language.

We welcome your comments on open requests and reports.

Review the eligibility requirements and criteria for decision-making.

Review the stages of a Project and Event Grant.

Review our list of frequently asked questions.

To see all pages related to the Project and Event Grants program, review the program pages.

Not sure your projects fit under the PEG Program? Check out all four Wikimedia Foundation grant programs:

The Wikimedia Foundation's grantmaking programs increase the quality, diversity, and reach of free knowledge by supporting allied organizations and people around the world. If the PEG program does not match your needs, please consider one of the other WMF grant programs..

Travel and Participation Support Individual Engagement Grants Project and Event Grants

Annual Plan Grants

Funding for individual contributors to travel to participate in events. Funding for individuals who lead projects with online impact. Funding events and project expenses for individuals, groups, and organizations. Funding annual plans for Wikimedia affiliate organizations.
Proposals accepted at any time. Proposals accepted twice annually. Proposals accepted at any time. Proposals accepted twice annually.

Questions? Email grants at wikimedia dot org.