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Learning patterns/Create an event page

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Create an event page
problemI need to make an event page, for a contest or something else.
solutionA well organized event page that makes important information very clear will help participants get involved.
creatorKHarold (WMF)
status:in progress

What problem does this solve?[edit]

Have you ever tried to participate in something, but you could not even figure out when the event started or how to sign up? Make it easy for people to join your event by creating an informative, well organized event page. You may have been doing this for years, but you still might be surprised by some of the tips below.

What is the solution?[edit]

A well organized event page that makes important information very clear will help participants get involved.

Writing contest event pages[edit]

  • Registration instructions should be easy to find, and easy to follow. After registration has ended, move that information to the bottom of the page.
  • Contest start and end dates should stand out. Use bold letters or bright colors, do something!
  • Explain the rules and scoring system. Allow a few weeks for community discussion about scoring before starting a contest.
  • Consider adding red links (Wikipedians love these) and references or a bibliography (new editors love these).
  • Post the goal for the contest so that participants know what they are working towards as a group.
Scoreboard from a Norwegian Wikipedia editing contest event page.

Long-term or high-volume contests[edit]

  • Use subpages to keep track of contestant goals and contributions. This will help keep the page load time to a minimum.
  • Archive past contest pages.

Contests with new editors[edit]

  • Include important information for new users, such as links to resources, even adding welcome or how-to videos can help.
  • Include a 'help button' or instructions so that newbies now who to ask for help.
  • Include an Ask a Question button to take users to the talk page. Remember: new editors may not even know about talk pages.
  • Find clickable button templates here.

Photo contest event pages[edit]

  • Make sure that instructions are clear. If users must label their photos somehow (for example, with a "monument code" or a "location code"), try adding a big "remember to label your submission" sign on the event page to make sure the participants actually do it.[1]

Add YOUR event page tips!

General considerations[edit]

When to use[edit]

When you want to organize important information that will help participants get involved.

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  • Explain clearly what people should expect in the event. Events targeting complete newcomers should say everything clearly without wiki jargon to enable people have some clue and be more productive.[2]

Contest event pages[edit]

  • "We made a short video showing how to register for the competition. It was amateurish, but got across all the information." - PhysiWiki Contest
  • "We have a group of 10-20 wmedians who patrol to welcome newbies. There is a button on contest pages to ask for help. If you click it, it takes you randomly to one of these volunteers, who are really patient and can mentor new editors." - User:Kippleboy
  • "We made a big link on to how to enter. It takes you through a guide on how to enter, what wikicode to enter. Anybody who has edited Wikipedia even a little should be able to understand it." - User:Newyorkadam Tyop Contest
  • "We created subpages for users who submitted ~10,000 edits because it was slowing down the main page." - User:Newyorkadam Tyop Contest
  • "Beyond the key elements, we include a little gauge that shows how much we have managed to do collectively." - Norweigan Wikipedia weekly contest
  • "How to join is displayed super prominently while you can join, then scooted down once joining is closed. This significantly reduces number of questions we get." - User:Miyagawa WikiCup (English Wikipedia)

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