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Grants:Let's Connect Profile/Alhassan Mohammed Awal

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Alhassan Mohammed Awal
Best way to connect: Via email
Dagbani Wikimedians User Group. I am a Co-founder and Communications, Outreach and Campaigns Manager for the User Group.
Participating as: Indivudal
Ghana • Middle East and Africa (MEA) region
Preferred times: Tuesday, Saturday (12 - 16 UTC, 17 - 20 UTC)
Can dedicate: Between one (1) hour and three (3) hours per Month
Languages: English, Dagbani
Main Wikimedia projects: Wikipedia → encyclopedia, Wiktionary → Dictionary and thesaurus, Wikimedia Commons → media repository, Wikidata → knowledge database, Wikivoyage → travel guide, Incubator → language versions in development, MetaWiki: central site for coordinating all projects and the Wikimedia community, MediaWiki: helps coordination work on MediaWiki software, Wikimedia Incubator: for language editors in development. Content units created or improved, Wikitech: technical projects and infrastructure
Areas of interests: Culture, heritage or GLAM, Advocacy
Other peer learning/training initiatives participating in: Language Digital discussion between Ghana and Nigeria language activists. L
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Skills this profile would like to share
Preferred way of sharing: Participate in an e-learning clinic sharing my case (2h plus workshops with 15-20 people), Organise face-to-face workshops

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More to learn[edit]

Further details about what I would like to learn.

•Bots: I want to learn how to develop bots to perform tasks such as cleaning and fixing errors and other activities that the bot can perform •International campaigns and contests (International teams for coordinating activities across multiple instances. Programs that train regional or international organizers and participants around a topic for impact or activist area over an extended period of time. Facilitation skills on and offline): I want to learn the skills that will put me in a better position to be able to facilitate any given project on the international front to the admiration and understanding of all involved •Processes and tools to manage conflicts (developing skills in non-violent communication and mediation, designing effective channels and processes for identifying and resolving disputes and conflict): I need specific skills to identify possible conflicts and nib it in the bud and also to design channels to effectively resolve any conflict

Stories about sharing[edit]

Interesting stories about applying the skills I want to share.

•Basic Wikidata use and how it can support other projects: This was used creating over 500 lexemes and translating several widata properties into Dagbani •Identifying & approaching prospective partners: For instance, the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group was able to identify and approached Zaa TV and negotiated for a discount to roll out a TV program dubbed "Dagbani Wikipedia Saha" to use in educating the public on how to contribute to wikipedia and its sister projects. •Wikimedia tools to measure quantitative metrics, particularly participants, editors, editor retention, content contributions (Programs & Events Dashboard, Wikimetrics, Hashtag tool, Onwiki Tracking, Wiki Loves tools, Fountain, Event Metrics: Through the use of such tools as fountain tool, event dashboard, we're able to organize contests and track the contributions of Participants and give prizes to the deserving ones.

My Resources[edit]