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Francesc Fort
Best way to connect: Email or Telegram/Whatsapp
Amical Wikimedia and Wikimedia Spain
Spain • Northern and Western Europe (NWE) region
Preferred times: Wednesday, Saturday (12 - 16 UTC, 17 - 20 UTC)
Can dedicate: More than 3 per month, but perhaps less than three per week. One per week (even two) works
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Catalan
Main Wikimedia projects: Wikipedia → encyclopedia, Wikimedia Commons → media repository, Wikidata → knowledge database
Areas of interests: Education, Advocacy, Human Rights
Other peer learning/training initiatives participating in: Currently none.
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Skills this profile would like to learn
Preferred way of learning: Have a 1:1 online coffee/tea with someone, By being mentored by an organization with more experience

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Skills this profile would like to share
Preferred way of sharing: Have a 1:1 online coffee/tea with someone, Mentoring a person or group

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More to learn[edit]

Further details about what I would like to learn.

I want to learn more about governance and long-term planing, because I've been somehow selftaught. I remember a session with Jan-Bart (Or Perhaps Tim?) and Franz in 2019 CEE meeting on how to board ppl to a board, and I enjoyed it.

I believe that everything I marked as "I want to learn" is something I already know, but I want to deepen my knowledge of.

Stories about sharing[edit]

Interesting stories about applying the skills I want to share.

I'vw worked in 2030 Strategy, being part of the creation of 2019-2022 Amical's Strategy, and made a Theory of the change for the local node of Valencia.

Contests such as Wiki Loves Falles got 1.000 files this year (for a local photo-contest) and have been made since 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaa0wW9OTf8

When it comes to media, we have a strong media presence https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPDnoUbIvC6QlFIlss-U-gA

My Resources[edit]