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Grants:Let's Connect Profile/Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska

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Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska
Best way to connect: Via email
community support officer, Wikimedia Polska
Participating as: For my whole organisation or group
Poland • Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region
Preferred times: Tuesday, Wednesday (8 - 12 UTC, 12 - 16 UTC)
Can dedicate: Between one (1) hour and three (3) hours per Month
Languages: English
Main Wikimedia projects: Wikipedia → encyclopedia, Wiktionary → Dictionary and thesaurus, Wikisource → library, MetaWiki: central site for coordinating all projects and the Wikimedia community
Areas of interests: Diversity, community health and support
Other peer learning/training initiatives participating in: Volunteer Supporters Network
Skills this profile would like to learn
Preferred way of learning: Participate learning clinic sharing my case, Through formal training

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Skills this profile would like to share
Preferred way of sharing: Participate in an e-learning clinic sharing my case (2h plus workshops with 15-20 people), Sharing resources via email and/or resource sharing platforms

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I have worked a lot in preventing volunteer burnout - I've organized a mindfulness training for wikimedians and appreciation programs. I am also working on a peer support group for plwiki admins. And I've organized professional mediations traning for Wikimedians. You can learn more here about mindfulness for wikimedians: https://diff.wikimedia.org/2021/04/01/why-we-taught-wikimedians-how-to-breathe-mindfully-and-what-you-should-know-if-you-want-to-do-the-same/ and about our program preventing burnout including monitoring volunteer engagement: https://youtube/nLRNifOkhEc?t=161

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