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Rodrigo Alonso Morales Azañedo
Best way to connect: On my user talk page
Peru • Latin America and The Caribbean (LAC) region
Preferred times: Tuesday, Thursday (12 - 16 UTC, 17 - 20 UTC)
Can dedicate: Between one (1) hour and three (3) hours per week
Languages: English, Spanish
Main Wikimedia projects: Wikipedia → encyclopedia, Wikidata → knowledge database
Areas of interests: Education, Open Technology
Other peer learning/training initiatives participating in: I've participated in a single workshop on SPARQL in my local community, Wikimedia Peru.
Skills this profile would like to learn
Preferred way of learning: Through formal training, By being mentored by an organization with more experience

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Skills this profile would like to share
Preferred way of sharing: Mentoring a person or group, Organizing face-to-face workshops.

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More to learn[edit]

Further details about what I would like to learn.

I'm mainly interesting in community engagement strategies as one of my goals is to get more Peruvian people (I'm from Peru) engaged in Wikimedia projects.

Stories about sharing[edit]

Interesting stories about applying the skills I want to share.

By using WDQS and SPARQL, I've been able to answer questions that I wasn't able to answer by using other technologies. For example: In which countries there are libraries that have been named after a musician? Because I've been getting more familiar with SPARQL, I feel I can provide some help on writing SPARQL queries in any domain of knowledge.

My Resources[edit]