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Grants:PEG/Creating a budget table

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This page documents a process of the WMF Project and Event Grants program. Return to the Grants:PEG page at any time for more information!

Please do not edit this page. If you have a suggestion, please create a discussion page.

Information required[edit]

Your budget should be calculated in the currency you are requesting. If you will have an expenses in a currency other than that requested, please show amounts in both currencies.

The table should include the following information for each line item, and should include a total amount requested:

  • Expense type / expense category:
  • Description of expense:
  • Unit:
  • Quantity:
  • Cost per unit:
  • Total cost per line item:

Suggested format[edit]

Your budget table may be in any format if it contains the above information, but here is a suggested format. You may copy the code below and insert your project's information into the table.