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Strategic priorities

The PEG program has specific strategic goals as part of Wikimedia’s mission and broader strategic priorities. Alignment to these goals is a key criterion in the decision-making process. For key metrics of success associated with these strategic priorities, please see the PEG Program Resources.

Increasing reach[edit]

Will this project/program increase the number of people reading Wikipedia globally? For example:

Higher impact potential
  1. Creating partnerships to target offline populations (e.g. offline Wikipedia distribution)
  2. Presenting at conferences with a targeted audience (e.g. FLOSS)
Lower impact potential
  1. Spreading the word about Wikimedia projects to a general audience with no follow-up (e.g. book fairs, cultural events)

Increasing participation[edit]

Will this project/program increase the number of editors? For example:

Higher impact potential (e.g. active editors)
  1. Improving editor diversity by recruiting new editors from a target group (e.g. women, global south, new expertise/niche)
  2. Onboarding and educating new editors with a plan for follow-up and mentorship (e.g. workshop and edit-a-thon series)
Lower impact potential
  1. Recruiting new contributors whose participation is limited to the event (e.g. contest contributors, "Wiki Loves" competitions)
  2. Introducing people to editing without explicit follow-up (e.g., some one-off edit-a-thons or workshops)

Increasing quality[edit]

Will this project/program increase the amount of high-quality content on WMF projects? For example:

Higher impact potential
  1. Increasing accessibility to reliable sources for editors (e.g. GLAM, digitization projects)
  2. Increasing participation by subject matter experts to perform surface and in-depth reviews
  3. Active interest-group collaboration on identifying articles for improvement (e.g. partnerships with cultural and learning institutions, under-represented groups)
  4. Topic-specific online writing competitions
  5. Photo events with associated edit-a-thons focused on integrating media on wiki projects
Lower impact potential
  1. Stand-alone photo competitions with no integration activities