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Report accepted
This report for a Project and Event grant approved in FY 2009-10 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
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Did you comply with the requirements specified by WMF in the grant agreement?


Some merchandise and other printing materials were acquired by the chapter using the grant monies. A summary of materials acquired is shown below. Costs include delivery and cartage costs by the vendor.

Note that the below currency conversions assume a rate of 0.84USD = 1AUD. This was the exchange rate on 4 Aug 2009, the date that the funds were received from the Foundation.

Item Cost (AUD) Cost (USD)
Information Sheets (x200) 30.00 25.20
Business Cards 360.00 302.40
Pullup Banner 341.00 286.44
Clic Stik Pens (x500) 400.00 336.00
Bumper Stickers 360.00 302.40
TOTAL 1491.00 1252.44

This results in a surplus of $1247.56 from the original grant amount.

Project goal and measures of success[edit]

Project goal[edit]

Quoting from the original grant request:

The goal of this project is to "jump start" the Australian chapter's physical presence in the country by allowing for the creation of a range of materials which can be distributed - publications, merchandise, stationary. Currently the Chapter does not have the financial or logistical capacity to create any merchandise (for sale or for free distribution) or to even hand out our own business cards. This grant would quickly increase the public awareness and professional appearance of the Chapter.

Measures of success[edit]

Not all items listed on the budget were procured, with capacity constraints inhibiting the opportunities to distribute some items, such as PediaPress materials.

Lessons learned[edit]

What lessons were learned that may help others succeed in similar projects? The materials that were produced were of a high quality. In the Australian context, where population centres are widely distributed geographically, getting the materials to where they were needed was a challenge. The production of materials dependent on the individuals on the management committee at the time (such as business cards with names and titles), meant that when those individuals moved on the materials became worthless.

What impact did the project have on WMF mission goals of Increased Reach, Increased Quality, Increased Credibility, Increased and Diversified Participation? N/A - grant did not directly contribute towards Foundation mission goals. It is important to note that this grant was funded before these mission goals were formally adopted by the Foundation, thus there was no effort made to measure against these KPIs.

With that said, much of this merchandise was given away during outreach events, such as at the GLAM-WIKI conference. Having professionally printed materials helped improve the image of the organisation as a well organised and well run concern. While printing the material itself did not in itself contribute to any mission goals, it helped our other initiatives to reach their mission goals of making WMAU and the movement in general appear as a credible partner that could be worked with.

Reporting and documentation of expenditures[edit]

Did you send WMF documentation of all expenses paid for with grant funds? See above.

Details of expenditures: See above.

Will you be requesting re-allocation of remaining grant funding? No.

Will you be returning unused funds to the Wikimedia Foundation? Arrangements will be made to return the surplus listed above to the Foundation.

Remaining funds from this grant have been returned to WMF in the amount of US$ 1247.56.

Additional requests and related proposals[edit]

Will you be requesting an extension or were you granted an extension? No.

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