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Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Chile
Grant contact name
Osmar Valdebenito
Grant contact e-mail
Grant contact title (position)
Project lead name
Osmar Valdebenito
Full project name
Start-up Grant
Amount requested
USD 10.000
Amount approved
USD 8,600 USD 8,999
Provisional target start date
March 2012
Provisional completion date
December 2012 15 January 2013 31 January 2013 15 February 2013

Budget breakdown[edit]

This grantee has requested a change to the budget submitted here and this change has been approved by WMF. Please see the discussion page for details.
Units Cost per unit
Total cost
Total cost
Infraestructure and equipment 209.000 402
Multi-function printer 1 115.000 115.000 221
Toner for printer 2 47.000 94.000 181
Website 153.467 295
Renewal of site (5 years)[2] 1 44.505 44.505 86
Adquisition of other local domains (,[2] 2 18.900 37.800 73
Hosting (Basic: 300 MB) 2 35.581 71.162 137
Legal requirements 237.260 456
Legalisation of bylaws with a notary 1 82.260 82.260 158
Legal modifications to bylaws 1 30.000 30.000 58
Records and registration 1 17.000 17.000 33
Publication of the bylaws at the Official Gazette 1 80.000 80.000 154
Official seals 4 7.000 28.000 54
Administration 144.000 277
Mails to San Francisco (Chapter Agreement and Bylaws) 2 15.000 30.000 58
Local mail (~2 per month) 24 2.250 54.000 104
Business cards 6 10.000 60.000 115
Outreach and projects 3.151.000 6.060
Small diptics: 10 rules of Wikipedia 3.000 130 390.000 750
Wikipedia en el aula booklets (16 pages) 700 1.220 854.000 1.642
Generic booklets - Wikimedia projects (16 pages) 600 1.220 732.000 1.408
Generic booklets - Wikimedia projects (16 pages; Mapudungun, Rapa Nui & Aymara versions) 600 1.220 732.000 1.408
GLAM Santiago 2012: Rental and catering 1 350.000 350.000 673
GLAM Santiago 2012: Invitations 60 300 18.000 36
GLAM Santiago 2012: Promotional posters 50 700 35.000 67
Nacimiento y Defunción de Presidentes project expenses 1 40.000 40.000 77
Travels[3] 1.439.000 2.767
Concepción (CCP) 2 42.000 84.000 162
Temuco (ZCO) 2 52.000 104.000 200
Antofagasta (ANF) 2 65.000 130.000 250
La Serena (LSC) 2 30.000 60.000 115
Valdivia (ZAL) 2 58.000 116.000 223
Punta Arenas (PUQ) 2 112.500 225.000 433
Travel allowances (daily per travel; incl. accomodation) 24 30.000 720.000 1.385
Reserves 75.273 145
TOTAL 5.200.000 10.000 8600
  1. Exchange rate: 1 USD = 520 CLP (jan-2012)
  2. a b Fees from
  3. Travels consider people for two nights Fri-Sat from Santiago International Airport (SCL). All costs were calculated on an Economy seat flying on March-April (low season) by

Project scope[edit]

The objective of this grant is to cover the expenses of the process to establish Wikimedia Chile (legal fees, administration, technical infraestructure, etc.) and the main projects that will be developed by the chapter in 2012.

These projects follow the strategy of the chapter along three main areas where Wikimedia Chile will focus in the following years:

  1. Cultural institutions: Outreach with GLAM institutions in Chile, "Encuentro WikiGLAM Santiago" conference (March 2012), Nacimientos y defunciones proposed project.
  2. Indigenous languages: Development of Mapudungun Wikipedia and support for Aymara Wikipedia
  3. Educational efforts: Wikipedia en el aula project with

Project goals[edit]

  • Establishment of Wikimedia Chile as an official non-profit corporation under Chilean law.
  • Ensure participation of Chilean members of the Wikimedia movement, not only people from Santiago.
  • Engage with cultural and educational institutions in the main cities of the country.
  • Development of projects in indigenous languages (mainly Mapudungun and Aymara).
  • Improve Wikimedia movement awareness and engagement in Chile.
  • Ensure the good use of the Wikimedia logos and marks.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

It is recommended to send the grant in two or three rounds in different months, in order to reduce involvement of the national tax institution and fees to the bank.

Fit to strategy[edit]

The projects covered by this grant align with the Wikimedia Foundation's strategic plan to increase participation, increase reach and improve quality, especially in countries of the so-called Global South.

  • Increase participation: We want to get involved with most of the people of the Chilean community and not just the people in Santiago. Chile is an extremely large country (Punta Arenas is 3,000 km to the south of Santiago, for example). We want to create a real national chapter with participation from people of all over the country.
  • Increase reach: We want to get involved with educational communities. Education is a topic really important for the Chilean society right now and we believe that the access to free knowledge can make a difference for children and teachers. Also, we want to incorporate people that has been left behind because their native language doesn't have
  • Improve quality: We have been in contact with different cultural institutions to establish cooperation agreements that can improve the quality of the Wikimedia projects and allow the release of documents and archives to the public domain, with a focus on Chilean and Latin American history and heritage.

Other benefits[edit]

We expect to get positive media attention with our projects, which may also persuade more people to give their materials out for free use, to incorporate in our organisation and to become members of the different projects of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Measures of success[edit]

  • Establishment of Wikimedia Chile as an official non-profit corporation under Chilean law.
  • Agreements with cultural and educational institutions.
  • Increase participation at Mapudungun Wikipedia at Incubator and its release as an official project.