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Grants:PEG/WM CZ/Presentation & Outreach/Report2011

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Interim report accepted
This interim report for a Project and Event Grant has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • To read the approved grant submission describing the plan for this project, please visit Grants:PEG/WM CZ.
  • You may still comment on this report on its discussion page.
  • Please visit Grants:PEG/WM CZ/Presentation & Outreach to comment on or read the final report.
  • You are welcome to Email grants at wikimedia dot org at any time if you have questions or concerns about this report.

Project Goal[edit]

Similarly to the Mediagrant, the Presentation and Outreach (subsequently - P&O) grant works factually as financial backing provided by the Wikimedia Foundation for the individual mostly long term projects within Czech chapter, that is if those are successfully approved by the local grant committee (or let’s say the sub-grant committee - that being nicknamed the Eye of the Grant) in a format of umbrella grant. That said, the would to be approved grants, has to fit within the framework and the scope of the Grant.

For Wikimedia projects to fulfill its mission, the public has to be aware about the projects and their benefits, and for the projects in order to develop successfully there is need of work of excited and dedicated editors. Sub-grants approved in this grants has to have the capacity to bring about that awareness, to attract new volunteers who would participate with us in the creation of Wikimedia projects and/or establish cooperation with such an institutions which might help us to further WM goals.

Grant P&O is an umbrella grant that manages and distributes funds for all activities of the Wikimedia branches CR focused on the public.

History and archive of the project[edit]

The original grant application form P&O – project was built and the grant application was presented by u:Danny B.

During the early stages of the grant project, grant committee members were: u:Danny B, u:Milda and u:Juan (part of the term)

In the 25th June the AGM of WMCZ had decided about need to change the administration of the grant. By August new grant committee was established with u:Jedudedek, u:Limojoe and u:Reo On as members.

Both Consolidated grants, that is P&O alike the Mediagrant, needed tracker software or any substitute of it, for its work. AGM in the June decided that, while originally intended professional software was still unavailable, that preliminary software developed by u:Che0 will suffice for the job and will get going.

With new committee, “tracker” software substitute and renewed trust of community the grant started finally to operate.

Description of activities under way[edit]

Every currently ongoing subgrant or request has its own subpage on internal wiki of Wikimedia Czech Republic, or Meta. The following text is a list of current subgrants or requests for subgrants.


Tools for presentation
Purchase of dataprojector and notebook were approved for the sake of the presentations on the meetings of Wikimedians and Wikipedians, on Exhibitions and fairs and on any other WikiX action
  • Dataprojector 11.594 CZK
  • Notebook 14.769 CZK
  • Rollup banners with logo of WMCZ 4.500 CZK
Fairs, exhibitions and other presentations
  • Wikiconference 2010 1.037 CZK
  • Wikiconference 2011 approx. 7.200 CZK to be paid
  • Prague Museum Night (Pražská muzejní noc 2011) - waiting for receipts
  • Book World 2011 (Svět knihy 2011) approx. 508 CZK
  • Open Source Conference 136 CZK
  • NGO market 2011 180 CZK
  • Autumn Book Fair in Havlíčkův Brod 2010 4.219 CZK
  • Autumn Book Fair in Havlíčkův Brod 2011 3.473 CZK
  • Summer Book Fair (Letní knižní veletrh Ostrava) 2011 9732 CZK
Press and other media
  • Wikimedium magazine 2010 - 2011 16.757 CZK
  • Wikimedium magazine 2011-2012 25.000 CZK to be paid
  • Press Conference 606 CZK
Held to the occasion of the Czech Wikipedia reaching the milestone of 200.000 articles.
  • Travel expenses - TV Show (Dobré ráno s ČT) 1.704 CZK
GLAM & CAP activities
  • GLAM-MGB 550 CZK
Support for the project on cooperation with National Galery of Morava (Moravská Galerie Brno) in the framework of the GLAM
  • 20 Czech books “Wikipedie”for GLAM a ambassador program 3.080 CZK
Purchase of the 20 books “The Wikipedia”, intended to be handed to the partners in both the GLAM and CAP projects as both the presents and guidelines for work on Wikipedia.
This book which is in the Czech language describing Wikipedia and the way how to participate is being awarded to Wikimedians, who can give it as a present to their partners mainly in GLAM and EDU (education). We give it just to the partnership, where pledge of cooperation was done. We hope that such present might help GLAM/EDU employees to understand better Wikipedia and they may use it as a text book. Most of GLAM/EDU has also libraries via which this book can advertise Wikipedia, better understanding of it and it can be used as a text book for participation in Wikipedia. I was asked by WMCZ to add more information.--Juandev 23:35, 13 December 2011 (UTC)
  • Travel expenses ISP (International School of Prague) & NZM (National Agriculture Museum) approx. 500 CZK
(Transfer fees of the presenters in the ISP and NZM projects, ie. the project of CAP cooperation with International School of Prague)
Other propagation
  • 10 years anniversary of Wikipedia concert 11.912 CZK - still waiting for several receipts
  • Express printing of Bussinesscards #1: 99 CZK
  • Express printing of Bussinesscards #2: 104 CZK
  • Official (final) version of Bussinesscards approx. 2.500 CZK



Videonávod práce s Wikipedií (Videotutorial about Wikipedia in Czech)


  • Book Fair Havlickuv Brod 2012
  • Wikiconference 2012
  • Celebration of 10 years of Czech Wikipedia
in total approx. 127 000 CZK eq. approx. 6570 USD

What lessons were learned that could help others succeed in similar projects?[edit]

Organizational and other stuff[edit]

Grant administration is provided by the committee (eye), which has decision-making autonomy, but is subject to the highest authorities of the Association - the Board and General Assembly, which if necessary may revise the decision of the eye. The Council also sees the eye as an advisory body in matters relating to grants.

As of 22th November 2011 there are three members of the committee (eye) Jedudědek, Limojoe and Reo, which was designed by the Council and 9th August 2011 approved,. Communication via email po@granty.wikimedia.cz

Individual tickets are now solved (or not approved, approved) sub-grants on / under the "Presentation&Outreach" can be found in the tracker http://kkhx.wikimedia.cz/topic/6/


When applying for a subgrant, the applicant can proceed in several ways, ie either an internal application (sub form), the off track (this option is open especially for non-members of WMCZ) or an invitation ticket in the tracker. However, the eye asks that in all cases were members of the eye mailing list notified by a message in P&O (po@granty.wikimedia.cz), so that a request would be concerning what and where and in what form was filed (it is difficult to watch 4 channels at once). Applicants can expect the eye to answer it via email - eventually to ask for some things.

The eye also asks applicants to the other side not to be satisfied with submitting the request via e-mail only. Sooner or later we will want the applicant to be openly presented the details of the grant community (internal, ticket, or meta), then keep your eye overview of the applications here, the internal wiki.

What impact did the project have on WMF mission goals of Increased Reach, Increased Quality, Increased Credibility, Increased and Diversified Participation?[edit]

We bought a laptop used at two presentations of Wikimedia Czech Republic at Czech Universities, also in Havlíčkův Brod at the book fair, or on various other events of WM CZ. It is used frequently during wiki-meetings, which are taking place once a month; it was also present on the wikiconference.

The data projector was bought recently. It was used on photographic workshop - an event that aimed to improve skills of wikipedians in the area of photography. It is also regularly used during wiki-meetings so our members or volunteers can present their work to general public wikipedians, who arrive.