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Grants:PEG/WM EE/Start up II

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This submission to the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Program was funded in the fiscal year 2011-12. This is a grant to an organization.

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Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Eesti
Grant contact name
Ivo Kruusamägi
Grant contact e-mail
Grant contact title (position)
Board member
Project lead name
Ivo Kruusamägi
Full project name
Start up II
Amount requested (in USD)
$ 6000 (re-allocated from Start up)
Provisional target start date
August 2010
Provisional completion date
December 2011

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Wiki Loves Monuments: $ 1600
Costs: prizes $ 275 (+ what we can get from sponsors), calenders $ 300, photo exhibition $ 290, info materials $ 160, transportation $ 150, rooms $ 90, etc.
Goal: 500+ images
  • Estonian Science Photo of the Year: $ 160
Most of the money will come from sponsors so this 160 is less than 5 % of the actual budget. Even the prizes will be $ 2500+.
Goal: a) collect more than 500 new quality images to Commons b) get into most of Estonian newspapers and magazines c) raise the reputation of Estonian Wikipedia in Estonia d) etc. (long list)
  • HELP 2: $ 100
HELP = Head Eesti Looduse Pildid (Good Estonian Nature Photos). Will be done together with the magazine Eesti Loodus.
Look for Vikipeedia:HELP
Goal is to collect ~500 nature images to Commons (last year there were 507 images).
  • Wikipedia conference: $ 500
Conference will be held in October. Most of the money is planed to be find from sponsors.
  • "Wikipedia in schools" project: $ 260
Visiting 15 schools around Estonia (there are 15 countys in Estonia). There will be held lectures and conducted a survey about usage and knowledge of Wikipedia among students and teachers.
  • Travel: $ 440
To cover the transportation costs for the people who take part of the chapter meetings and chapter activities (for example: go somewhere to give a lecture about Wikipedia).
  • Article writing competition: $ 440
Will be held in November together with the magazine Eesti Loodus.
Goal: to get at least 12 (the number of topics) high quality articles about nature that could be we chosen good articles (we don't choose featured articles – new good articles in Estonian Wikipedia have to be as good as featured articles in English Wikipedia) and generate some interest among specialist about writing into Wikipedia.
  • All other projects: $ 800
To cover the costs of other projects planned for the year 2011.
For example: cooperation projects with the local municipalities, projects with the museums and unions, project to get new texts for Vikitekstid (local Wikisource), project with Vikisõnastik (local Wiktionary), arranging meetings for Wikipedia writers, etc.
  • Promotional materials: $ 800
For example a big roll-up banner that could be used when our chapter is presented at some event. Shirts, pens, mugs, etc.
  • Legal fees: $ 100
  • Administrative costs and other expenses: $ 800

Project scope[edit]

All the projects are in the different stage of planning but to conduct them we need money. When we get this chapter up and running then we hope to get the future funding from the state and from donations.

Project goal[edit]

The goal is to make as many successful projects from that money as possible. Show that Wikimedia Eesti is a successful organization and ensure the financial sustainability by gaining local sponsors.

We find that it is also very important to educate people about Wikipedia and to raise it’s reputation because Estonian Wikipedia needs a lot more editors that we currently have and without thous two it is not likely to have new editors.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

There are no non-financial requirements.

Fit to strategy[edit]

The project will call into existence a large amount of different projects that will hopefully help to get more people contributing to the project, increasing people awareness of Wikipedia and boosting up the development of Estonian and Võro Wikipedias.

The goal is not to “just use the money to carry out projects” but “use each dollar in a way that it gives the maximum effect”. So the strategy also involves finding additional sponsors and plans to find the best ways of using the money (cutting off all unnecessary costs, doing as much we can by ourselves etc.) and all that may lead to some changes in the original budget during the 2011 as it is far to difficult to predict some of that.

Other benefits[edit]

We hope to get a lot of positive media attention with our projects, which may also persuade more people to give their materials out for free use.

Measures of success[edit]

We will consider this start up a success if many projects are carried out and the chapter becomes well known, good working and financially supported.