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Grants:PEG/WM ID/Wiki Apsara Indonesia

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Wikimedia Indonesia officially withdraws this request on January, 24th, 2013.
This was a submission to the Project and Event Grants Program from an group, organization, or individual in 2013-14, but was withdrawn by that group, organization, or individual before a funding decision was delivered.

File:Wiki Apsara Logo.png
Wiki Apsara Indonesia logo.
Legal name of organization or individual requesting this grant
For organizations: Are you a for-profit entity?
  • No.
For organizations: If non-profit (US) or equivalent (outside the US) status is available in your country, do you have or are you pursuing such status (please be specific):
Grant contact name
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
  • kartika (dot) sari (dot) henry (at) wikimedia (dot) or (dot) id
Grant contact title (position)
  • Secretary General
Project lead name
Project lead user-name or e-mail
  • ivonne (dot) kristiani (at) wikimedia (dot) or (dot) id
Project lead title (position), if any
  • Deputy Secretary General
Full project name
(Indonesian) Wiki Apsara Indonesia
(English) Wiki Apsara Indonesia
Amount requested (in USD)
US$ 181.404
Provisional target start date
November 2012
Provisional completion date
November 2013

Wiki Apsara Indonesia is a project under Wikimedia Indonesia with an aim to increase volunteers capacity within the Wikimedia movement. Wikimedia Indonesia acts as central coordination and funding (re-granting) to encourage original ideas and innovation from wiki volunteers from Indonesia and South-East Asia.

Apsara, or also known as Vidhyadhari, is known in Bahasa Indonesia, as "bidadari" which is a loanword from the Sanskrit "vidhyadhari". In Balinese, it is known as "widyadari" or "dedari" which is also derived from the Sanskrit. Vidhya means "knowledge", while dharya means "owner", "user" or "carrier". Therefore the term "Vidhyadhari" or Apsara has a literal meaning of "the bearer of knowledge". With its name reflecting its mission, this project distributes knowledge by building volunteers capabilities in Indonesia and South-East Asia.

Unrestricted grant request for Wiki Apsara is proposed based on Wikimedia Indonesia previous experience in grant management which proofed that flexible fund allocation would be able to utilize volunteers' needs and capacity more effectively.

In general, there are 9 (nine) projects to be established once the grant request is approved.

Budget Breakdown[edit]

Please note that the budget breakdown will be in Indonesian Rupiah (Rp) for exact calculation, U.S. Dollar value (USD) only serve as a comparison purpose.

  • Estimate for total budget Rp. 1.814.041.664,- equal to US$ 181,404,- rate 1 USD ~ Rp. 10.000,-
No Code Projects Budget (IDR) Budget (USD)
1 BP Free Your Knowledge 2013 250.000.000,- 25,000,-
2 KM2012 Indonesian Wikipedia Writing Classes and Media Wiki Workshops 160.233.233,- 16,023,-
3 ABP Free Knowledge Event 125.000.000,- 12,500,-
4 PPW Wiki Training Center and Re-Granting Program for South East Asia Contributors 773.933.333,- 77,393,-
5 BMW Media Wiki Manual Book 124.683.333,- 12,468,-
6 WSBI Indonesian WikiSource Project 164.033.333,- 16,403,-
7 MHBR Banjar Wikipedia Writing Competition 128.408.333,- 12,840,-
8 WISMKI Wikimedika, a collaborative Wiki workshops with Association of Indonesian Medical Student Council 71.933.333,- 7,193,-
9 ADM Central Administration 0,- 0,-
Total Budget 1.814.041.664,- 181,404,-

Project Goals[edit]

Free Your Knowledge 2013[edit]

  • Attract new quality contributors
  • Increase article quantities
  • Increase article qualities
  • Establish cooperation with Indonesian education institution

Wikipedia Indonesia Writing Classes and Media Wiki Workshop[edit]

  • Develop and update training materials
  • Establish standard for training modules
  • Outreach to interested general public
  • Attract new volunteer contributors
  • Increase contribution quality of volunteers
  • Fulfill increasing demands for wiki training (which was unable to satisfy in the past years due to tight budget)

Free Knowledge Event[edit]

  • Increase awareness of free knowledge mission
  • Increase the number of cooperation with other organizations or community in advancing free knowledge
  • Knowledge exchange from a know-how practitioners
  • Speakers from consultant and companies benefit from an already established cooperation with Wikimedia Foundation / Chapters

Wiki Training Center and Re-Granting Program for South East Asia Contributors[edit]

  • Identify volunteers in South East Asia who are able and willing to do projects
  • Equip volunteer contributors who are willing to do projects with training to plan and execute
  • Fund projects initiated by volunteer contributors
  • Supervise and guide the process from planning stage to reporting stage

Media Wiki Manual Book (Indonesian Version)[edit]

  • To provide an Indonesian language manual book for media wiki for free (of copyright)
  • The manual book will be designed and fine tuned to provide a step by step layman's guide

WikiSource Indonesia[edit]

  • The release of online public domain version of Ensiklopedia Indonesia
  • Identification of new potential Indonesian WikiSource volunteer contributors

Writing Competition of Banjar Wikipedia[edit]

  • Identify new potential volunteer contributors.


  • Improve the quantities of medical articles in Indonesian Wikipedia
  • Improve the qualities of medical articles in Indonesian Wikipedia
  • Identify new potential volunteer contributors in specific topics (medical)

Project scope and list of activities[edit]

Free Your Knowledge 2013[edit]

Three years after Free Your Knowledge 2010 Competition, Wikimedia will hold the second Free Your Knowledge Competition in 2013. Lots of lessons-learned from the previous competition and it succeed to create a tight competition system for all the participants. Through the system, participants managed to achieve the target of quantity and quality improvements in Wikipedia. Furthermore, WMID also engaged and trained participants who survive until the end of competition to organize another Wiki projects. With only a limited number of volunteers these days, the BP2013 competition will be one of our efforts to increase the number of motivated volunteers to generate future Wiki projects.

Wikipedia Indonesia Writing Classes and Media Wiki Workshop[edit]

As the number of Indonesian communities and NGOs using Wiki as their information and knowledge site source is increasing, Wikimedia Indonesia are often requested to give media Wiki training for those volunteers. Some of the examples are Rujak.org and Jejak Petjinan. However, technical competencies and content-creation abilities are spread in several individuals. As for the moment, there is no single volunteer who has a comprehensive capability of Media Wiki utilization. In order to integrate those competencies, we need to provide a comprehensive training program for Wiki volunteers and in wider scope: Media Wiki users in other community so that they can make maximized use of Media Wiki.

Along with Media Wiki Workshops, Wikimedia Indonesia will conduct Wikipedia Indonesia Writing Classes. It is a periodic training for new users who is interested in knowing Wikipedia and learning to add contents in it. These activities will facilitate attendees to be able to have a hands-on experience in editing Wikipedia. Interactive learning with instructor in class would help attendees in understanding methods and guidelines of Wikipedia efficiently. This writing classes are held to follow the success of previous Wikipedia Writing Classes in 2011. Demands to conduct classes were still high after the Writing Class Project ended.

Based on experience, even though there are volunteers, they are not able to commit their time regularly. Furthermore, attendees were hoping that there are already a quality and systematic learning material which takes time to develop.

The funding for this project would be used to develop learning material and manage regular instructors and venue throughout the year.

Free Knowledge Event[edit]

Wikimedia Indonesia plan to do regular events regarding Free Knowledge and its every aspect. These events are designed to be held every month, bringing speakers from other cities or other countries and inviting public to focus on helping the spread of free knowledge mission. The speakers who will be invited to the events will be technology experts (such as developers of Open Street Map, Kiwix, Ushahidi, Android Apps for mobile, Orange, Wiki), governments & educational institution (e.g. creative commons license in educational institution, wiki competition in universities), art, language, and culture (e.g. art in wikimedia commons, language preservation). The fund for this project will be used for venue rent, transportation, per diem for national or international speakers, communication material (if any), promotional material, and meals during the events.

Wiki Training Center and Re-Granting Program for South East Asia Contributors[edit]

Wikimedia Indonesia would like to establish a training center for Wiki volunteers in South-East Asia region, where every contributor can visit and learn how to organize a Wiki project locally. The training program will be consist of:

  • Project planning: Drafting budget and proposal, lobbying educational institution for collaborative works, and the utilization of Wikipedia statistics.
  • Project execution: Using media Wiki for project management and monitoring the ongoing-project.
  • Project reporting: Measuring indicator of success, preparing a transparent financial report, and evaluating project performance.

After the training is over, volunteers can submit proposals of a local project to be implemented in their home country. Wikimedia Indonesia will serve as grant coordinator for those volunteers, in consideration with their competencies and performance during the training take place.

Media Wiki Manual Book (Indonesian Version)[edit]

Experts of media Wiki will create and compile a communication material and user guidelines of media Wiki in simple language. It must be well-understood by users to help people develop a website based on media Wiki independently, especially those who live out of Jakarta and do not have the opportunity to attend media Wiki class. This book will be distributed free of charge.

WikiSource Indonesia[edit]

Looking at the number of its texts and active contributors, Indonesian WikiSource project is still in its infancy. Wikimedia Indonesia is considering WikiSource as one of the potential facilities to spread free knowledge through free content publication. Socialization of the WikiSource project and how it works is needed to attract new users to contribute to that site.

Copyright released of Indonesian Encyclopedia[edit]

In order to enrich the content of WikiSource and Wikipedia, Wikimedia Indonesia put on an effort to release the copyright of Ensiklopedia Indonesia Series 1-5 (published in 1954). Volunteers will be trained to transfer the scanned text into entries in WikiSource and Wikipedia. In addition, the encyclopedia would be useful for the attendees of Wikipedia Writing Class as a writing reference for their first article in Wikipedia.

Sundanese WikiSource[edit]

Sundanese language communities are spreading out Sundanese contents only by using social networks such as Facebook. These contents include Sundanese-English dictionary and other Sundanese collection books. Those source of knowledge is promising to be put in Sundanese WikiSource, making it more accessible and could be used as references for public.

Writing Competition of Banjar Wikipedia[edit]

Mahabar 2012 is a writing competition to enrich the contents of Banjar Wikipedia. As many as 60 undergraduate students in universities in Banjarmasin are aimed to join the competition which is held for about 6 months. Besides increasing active contributors, this competition also has a goal to significantly increase the quantity and quality of entries in Banjar Wikipedia. As a minor language spoken mostly only in Kalimantan (Borneo), Wikimedia Indonesia expect to preserve Banjar language and promote Banjar Wikipedia through social networks and local mass media.

Collaborative Wiki workshops with Association of Indonesian Medical Student Council[edit]

Wikimedika is a collaborative work between Wikimedia Indonesia and the Association of Indonesian Medical Student Council (ISMKI) to enrich medical contents in Indonesian Wikipedia and WikiSource. ISMKI has 73 university members from all over Indonesia and it is divided into 4 main regional areas. Wikimedia Indonesia will conduct trainings to teach them the basics of contributing in Indonesian Wikipedia. Participants are expected to contribute by either writing new entries or improving the existed entries in Wikipedia. Wikimedia Indonesia will also collect dissertations of Indonesian medical students in Indonesia and upload them to Indonesian WikiSource.

Non-financial requirements[edit]


Fit to strategy[edit]

  • Recruiting new active volunteers
  • Attract new contributors to edit, and train existing contributors to do outreach

Measures of success[edit]

Project name Measure of Success
BP Free Your Knowledge 2013
  • Indonesian Wikipedia very active contributors doubled up from around 50 users to 100 users in the period of 120 days during competition held.
  • Addition of 5,000 new and improved articles from total participants.
KM2012 Indonesian Wikipedia Writing Classes and Media Wiki Workshops
  • Qualified communication materials on how to edit Wikipedia.
  • Qualified Media Wiki training standard of procedure.
  • Consistent training classes with regular instructors and volunteers.
ABP Free Knowledge Event
  • A total of 20 mainstream media published news about efforts in multiple fields from government, education, and non profit institution.
PPW Wiki Training Center and Re-Granting Program for South East Asia Contributors
  • Minimum of five project plans executed successfully and met their goals by the end of the grant year.
BMW Media Wiki Manual Book
  • A minimum of five organizations / community who used the book or being trained by using the book able to set up and run media wiki successfully (based on the result of users questionnaires)
WSBI Indonesian WikiSource Project
  • 500 pages of encyclopedia copyright free in Indonesian WikiSource.
  • 1,500 new articles in Indonesian Wikipedia.
MHBR Banjar Wikipedia Writing Competition
  • Banjar Wikipedia very active contributors increased to be 40 users during the competition.
  • Addition of 1,000 new and improved articles from total participants.
WISMKI Wikimedika, a collaborative Wiki workshops with Association of Indonesian Medical Student Council
  • Addition of 500 new and improved medical articles in Indonesian Wikipedia.
  • Release of medical students' thesis using creative commons license.