Grants:PEG/WM IL/Wikipedia 10th anniversary event/Report

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Project Goal:

Description of actual activities: Hosting event for 450 people at "Lev" cinema in Tel Aviv, for Wikipedianian's, students and readers for Wikipedia 10th anniversary.

What lessons were learned that could help others succeed in similar projects? Nothing special. the event was good, not too long and people had a good feedback.

What impact did the project have on WMF mission goals of Increased Reach, Increased Quality, Increased Credibility, Increased and Diversified Participation? Part of the Wikipedia 10th anniversary event

Detail of expenditures:

  1. Food & Drinks - 7308 ILS
  2. Signs and rollups for the events - 465 ILS.
  3. Name tags and staff equipment - 261 ILS.

(most of the event was sponsor by Lev)

Amount underspent in US Dollars: 2231$

WMF has requested receipts or documentation of expenditures, but the grantee has not yet provided this, or requested information is still missing.

This amount of US$ 2231 recorded here by the grantee indicates the total amount spent, and not the amount underspent. No grant funds were remaining, as the grantee overspent by approximately US$ 231.

Will you be requesting re-allocation of remaining grant funding? No needed