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February 2021
Star Academy Samantha Gilabert will appear on upcoming Amical Wikimedia's video celebrating Wikipedia20.

Highlighted activities[edit]

III Gala premis Tresdeu[edit]

Date: 11th February.
Place: Las Naves, València.
To Highlight: Thanks to our good relationship with Tresdeu Mèdia, we assisted to the cerimony of those awards for Valencian creators, where we could reach out to musicians and many other people.

At the event, we could record a prominent Catalan-language singer so she could show her support to Catalan Wikimedia for the upcoming Wikipedia20 video to be made by Amical Wikimedia.

Muixeranga project[edit]

Valencian human towers, the Muixeranga, are the origin of Catalan Castellers.

Place: L'Etno, València.
To Highlight: The community is finishing the details of the upcoming wikicontest related to the Valencian human-towers known as Muixeranga. It's a project born at L'Etno, and it's integrated into their main activities, as a temporary exhibition about the folk celebration was recently inaugurated at the Museum. We plan to start this contest in April and we are already preparing everything.

In order to scale the impact of our different activities, L'Arxiu Ismael Latorre Mendoza released a couple of historical pictures illustrating the Muixeranga.

Also, we are in contact with international communities searching for possible collaboration with simillar celebrations elsewhere in the world. We don't expect to make an international contest, but just a small collaboration.


To Highlight: Our member Bàrbara saw published an article she wrote for a Professional Magazine. It's about the project in the town of L'Eliana and its Bibliowiki experience, and it includes the experience of our editors Luis and Montse.