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March-April 2021
Paco Camarasa Mural.jpg
An unplanned collaboration with a group of artists allowed us to release artworks picturing local Football Legend Paco Camarasa.

Highlighted activities[edit]

Objectives near completion[edit]

Date: 15th April.
To Highlight: So far, we have reached six different agreements for releasing material, with entities of diferent nature, including museums such as L'Etno (January, in progress before the project started) or IVAM (since 25th February, 176 files so far). We also reached an agreement with a group of anonymous artists doing Street Art related fo Valencia Football Club. In this case, they've chosen to release their pictures via Flickr.

Also, we already have two different Educative projects designed, the first starting Monday 19th of April in the University of Valencia.

Educative projects[edit]

Place: Universitat de València.
To Highlight: About 20 University professors joined us for three days to learn more about Wikimedia Projects and its integration into the curricula. Some of them are insterested in developing projects of their own for next year.

Wikidata projects[edit]

Place: Institució Alfons el Magnànim.
To Highlight: Also in April, we started to create new Wikidata entries with data provided by the Valencian Studies Center. With our current dataset we plan to create or improve about 3.000 entries related to books, authors and literature. We advance too in our IVAM project, releasing the first datasets.

We have to thank Galder, from Basque User Group, who kindly taught both Amador Álvarez and me how to use OpenRefine better.