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Report accepted
This report for a Rapid Grant approved in FY 2016-17 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • To read the approved grant submission describing the plan for this project, please visit Grants:Project/Rapid/Annamariandrea/ArtAndFeminism 2017 Milano.
  • You may still comment on this report on its discussion page, or visit the discussion page to read the discussion about this report.
  • You are welcome to Email rapidgrants at wikimedia dot org at any time if you have questions or concerns about this report.


Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went?
Yes, we are happy with how the project went despite we had less partecipants we were expecting (we had 50 eventbrite registration, but just 21 showed up). Actually, having less partecipant allowed us to help and support new editors better. Indeed, we had 12 new editors out of 21. Anyway "the vibe" was really good, partecipants were really smart and we could see them to do their best to learn and to contribute to the vision and values of the A+F event. That's one of our main goal: introduce people to A+F mission and vision, to Wikipedia and provide them a starting point for contributing to the mission.


Please report on your original project targets.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
1 event 1 event We bring the Art+Feminism Wikipedia edit a thon for the first time in Milan
50 partecipants 21 partecipants Out of 50 people registered on eventbrite, just 21 showed up
25 new articles 20 new articles Since we had less partecipants, we also had less new articles. Despite that, we are satisfied because 17 articles were translated form en Wikipedia while 3 articles are completly new: they don't exist in any other language.
30 new editors 12 new editors Since we had less partecipants, we also had less new editors, but we are satisfied with that.


Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

  • What worked well?

1) The collaboration and support of Wikimedia Italia along all the organization process.
2) The location and the support provided by BASE Milano for the whole organization.

3) Special guest talk: Our editathon was focused on a specific topic of Art+Feminism, authorial videogames, feminism and female artist working in this field. So, we decided to invite an italian visual artist and game designer, Claudia Molinari to give a talk about her poetics and experience as woman, artist, and game designer. The talk was in the morning, before the editathon as part of the introduction, and it was really an interesting moment of sharing knowledge and experience. Thanks to Claudia Molinari our attendeed had a special introduction to the topic of Art+Feminism, contributing to the good vibe of the day.

4) The dashboard tool: both for providing the article list and for checking the final results.

5) The partecipation of expert Wikipedians who attended the event for helping new editors.

6) The interest of attendees in engaging the topic: they quickly started editing and translating articles.
7) We translated the A+F introduction lesson in italian.
8) The fact that we provided a webpage with the list of english articles was also very useful to speed up the translation process
9) We translated A+F code of conduct in Italian and made printed copy during the event.
10) Press Coverage during the event: we had Motherboard journalists making interviews, and after the event they published an article+video

  • What did not work so well?

1) Maybe we didn't have enough time to do more research while editing the articles, in order to find stronger references than those one already provided.
2) Since weeks, after the event, some wikipedia users (who are not involved in the project or in the event) are proposing for deletion several of the articles created without relevant justification and/or creating an unsafe space for discussion on it.wikipedia pages.

  • What would you do differently next time?

1) I would provide more time for editing so that people can also have the time to do more research about what they are writing.


Grant funds spent[edit]

Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

  • Refreshment (food and catering service for lunch) = 742,50 EUR
  • Candies and snack = 10,86 EUR

Total: 753,36 (including VAT)

Remaining funds[edit]

Do you have any remaining grant funds?

Anything else[edit]

Anything else you want to share about your project?