Grants:Project/Rapid/Igbo Wiktionary Edit-a-thon in Federal Government Girls’ College, Bwari, FCT, Nigeria/Meet up/September 2018

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  • Date: Saturday 22, September 2018
  • Venue: Federal Government Girls' College, Bwari, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Time: 11a.m-2.00p.m


  • Meet and Greet
  • Wikimedia and You
  • ABC of Wiktionary Editing
  • Wiktionary Edit-a-thon and Translate-a-thon (Session 1)
  • Wiktionary Edit-a-thon and Translate-a-thon (Session 2)
  • Photos and moments
  • Meals and moments
  • Each one bring one for the next #IgboWomenWiki meet-up

Important Note[edit]

Remember: It is a bring your laptop event. There will be free internet, lots of food, drink and water and best of all, great candid photography moments. If you wish to come with someone, kindly add them to the Telegram Group


Pages Created[edit]

  • Mkpụrụosisi
  • Ekwentị
  • Mkpịsịodee
  • Ọlantị
  • Mgbaka
  • Ntugwa
  • Mkpọnwụ
  • Ntụle
  • Mkpesa
  • Mkwupụta
  • Mgbagojuanya
  • Ọnọdụ mgbagoju anya
  • Mgbochiume
  • Nwunyenwa