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Report accepted
This report for a Rapid Grant approved in FY 2021-22 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
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Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went?

Not as expected, but yes! We hosted two events and recruited totally new editors at each event with the exception of the three event planners (existing editors) present in both events. Although, not able to create as much number of articles on the number of Wikimedia sites earlier intended, we had online mentors such as Amir Aharoni, readily available to help us technically online in areas such as the unblocking of new editors' accounts, edit tutoring and offering of useful pieces of advice. Some participants even participated online. The process of getting new people to learn how to Sign Up as well as learn the basic skills to create new articles took some time, so we focused our efforts on helping them create shorter translations of existing Wikipedia articles in English into Tyap language on Wikimedia Incubator (we earlier mistakenly began creating the articles on Meta-Wiki before they were moved to the Wp/kcg Incubator). The offline handout (made available in soft and hard copies) also helped new translators work easier.


Please report on your original project targets.

Project metrics

Project metrics Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
2 events 2 events Happened as planned.
37 (+3) participants 23 (+ 3 + 2) participants About two additional people participated online, three event organizers and 23 new people present.
34 new editors 21 (+ 1) new editor One of the two online editors being a new editor.
40-120 articles created or improved 41 (+2) articles created or improved There was more work focused on creating new articles in Tyap on the Incubator. You can see the category for all articles created or improved on our event pages, Wp/kcg/Project:Articles for creation (especially those dated 16, 17, 23 & 24 October 2021) or on our Project page. Two articles were created by online participants, one during the event on 17 October and the other in-between the two events on 19 October 2021. Some participants couldn't create articles (either totally or at a point in the events) due to faulty smart phones.
3 repeat participants 2 repeat participants Previous participants were advised not to come to the next event to respect the COVID-19 safety protocols should the number of new participants soar close to the expected 17 (excluding the three existing editors, one of which was not available in the next event due to being urgently called for national service).


What worked well? What didn't work so well? What would you do differently next time?

The printed handouts was of much help to new editors, our use of Telegram as a means of communication among existing and new editors and mentors went well, but we found out that we would need more hands to update online participants not present physically with basic editing steps next time, while the events are on, even though Amir came to our rescue most of the times by responding to questions on the Telegram group during the events, one-one-one. We spent too much time waiting for new editors to arrive and took an extra hour after the stipulated closing time to ensure each new editor translates at least an article to Tyap before closing for the day. We also took time talking about details new editors do not need to understand to make simple edits. Hosting the events in a location where more participants would be readily available within a shorter time space in the future would help in eliminating event kickstart delay. As mentioned above, having online mentors really helped make sure edits were not reverted and people felt supported between events.
People were very encouraged to get reimbursed for the transportation costs they incurred and feeding during the events, and most importantly, the handouts they got in both soft and hard copies alike. Next time, we shall make clearer prints and get more updated Tyap Lexicon for them to use for translation.
Organizing a themed in-person event was a great way to get new people engaged who are passionate about Tyap language, especially the youthful generations. In the next event, we shall strive to include passionate minds in the educational sector to bring in their wealth of educational experience (especially in the field of linguistics) into project to enable the translation of more technical terms to be more easier.
We shall be grateful to have a follow-up event to ensure that newly recruited translators get a better grasp of editing on Wikimedia. But before then, the Telegram channel (Wikipidya Tyap) is available for questions and answers by all participants, further mentoring of new editors and for the sharing of ideas by all.
Another thing that didn't work well was the browsing network. We had to buy extra data packages from other network providers to support the poor performing ones. We aim at holding the next events elsewhere with better network coverage where more newer participants would also have the chance to take part in the events.
Yet another was the constant rise of the prizes of goods and services. Items previously not thought to cost up to particular amounts turned out to cost much more than was captured in our budgets, which the Miscellaneous funds and other parts of the budget where unused funds were available (e.g. Transport reimbursement for attendees), were able to take care of. We shall apply the changes to our next budget.


Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on. Please email receipts to rapidgrants AT wikimedia DOT org

1. Food and drink = ₦45,000 + ₦43,500 = ₦88,500

2. Transportation

  • Local transport for organizers: ₦10,000 X 3 persons X 2 events = ₦60,000
  • Reimbursement of attendees: ₦6,000 X 16 people + ₦6,000 X 11 = ₦162,000

3. Facility, equipment and materials (two-day length)

  • Venue rental: ₦25,000 X 2 events = ₦50,000
  • Rental equipment
    • Camera hiring: ₦25,000 X 2 events = ₦50,000
    • Wifi hotspot/router hiring = ₦10,000 X 2 events = ₦20,000
    • Fueling of available diesel generator: ₦12,000 X 2 events = ₦24,000
    • Sound (Microphones, amplifier, etc): ₦12,000 X 2 events = ₦24,000
    • Projector hiring: ₦10,000 X 2 events = ₦20,000
    • Chairs = 20 plastic chairs X ₦200 X 2 events = ₦8,000
    • Tables = 3 plastic tables X ₦200 X 2 events = ₦1,200

4. Health & Safety

  • Branded nose masks: ₦8,000 X 20 persons X 2 events = ₦32,000
  • Hand sanitizers (pocket-sized): ₦500 X 20 persons X 2 events = ₦20,000
    • Hand wash detergent = ₦500
    • Digital pyrometer hiring = ₦1,000 (2 days) X 2 events = ₦2,000

5. Offline brochure (hard copy) publishing:

  • Original copy = ₦50 X 100 pages = ₦5,000
  • Photocopying = ₦20 X 100 pages X 20 copies X 2 events = ₦80,000
  • Binding = ₦200 X 20 brochures X 2 events = ₦8,000

6. Gift items

  • Data subscription = ₦30,000 X 2 events = ₦60,000
  • Branded T-shirts for organizers = ₦3,500 X 3 persons = ₦10,500
    • Branded caps for organizers = ₦2,500 X 3 persons = ₦7,500
    • Banner: ₦5,000

7. Correspondence (airtime) before and after events: ₦5,500 X 3 persons X 2 events = ₦33,000

8. Miscellaneous (Mobile device repairs) = ₦7,000

Total spent = ₦773,200 NGN (1,884 USD)

Remaining funds[edit]

If there are remaining funds, please list the amount here. Remaining funds must be returned to WMF, reallocated to similar activities or applied to another approved grant. Let us know what you'd like to do.

The funds remaining from this grant in the amount of 44,435 NGN were deducted from another grant payment for Grants:Project/Rapid/Kambai Akau/A Hatch-Tyap-Wikipedia In-Person Training Event 2 (Kaduna Special Edition).
We have approximately 5,500 NGN (13 USD) left unspent (including the expected 38,935 NGN (~94.9 USD) 5% bank fee reimbursement as the local bank made no deductions). We earlier intended to return the funds even as we aim at applying for a follow-up grant, but the processes for sending out funds out of Nigeria are a bit complex. Hence, we would like to retain the funds to be deducted from our follow-up grant request to be submitted within the next 12 days.

Anything else[edit]

We indeed appreciate Wikimedia Foundation for the rapid grant support offered us. The video images and photoshoots of the event would be made available at our YouTube channel (Tyap Wikimedia) and on Wikimedia Commons, respectively, as soon as they are uploaded.