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Draft report
This is a draft of a grant report for a grant funded for fiscal year 2017-18. Please do not respond or comment on it just yet
it's not yet ready for review. To read the approved grant submission, please visit Grants:Project/Rapid/Sandeep Raut/Wiki For COVID-19.


Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went?
Here are the quick reminders to our goals that we set:

  1. To aware people about reliable information on COVID-19
  2. Produce three video contents to promote Wikimedia projects
  3. Engage quarantined people to digital Wiki-Learning Platform

Yes, we met our goals. The project was not just focused on the Wikimedia projects but also how we deal with misinformation. Times are difficult now in this pandemic and fake information is adding fuel to this pandemic. In our project "Wiki for COVID-19", we produced four videos that were directed towards promoting Wikimedia projects, meanwhile awaring people regarding the infodemic spreading around and engaging people to digital Wiki-Learning platform.


1. Wiki for COVID-19 | What happens with Alan?

In the first video, we illustrated how COVID-19 is impacting people lives and emotions. Misinformation was at peak in the beginning phase of pandemic which made consumers anxious. Thus, we portrayed how a young boy fights with misinformation spreading around through the use of Wikipedia and later how his fear subsides. The video is well animated and has got many shares on social media platforms. It also has the highest number of views among the videos we produced.

2. Wiki for COVID-19 | Tips on COVID-19

The second video has the Tips on COVID-19. We presented some tips on how to keep oneself stressfree by engaging in Wikipedia. We urged people to remain updated about what is happening in the world and be an informed reader.

3. Wiki for COVID-19 | Experience Challenge

Today many people of different age groups are active on social media. There are different trends going on social media everyday. Thus, we tapped the ongoing trend of "#challenge" and came up with the concept of #experiencechallenge through which we gave the task of making experience video during Covid period and how our viewers dealt with the pandemic. It was amazing to see that viewers responded so enthusiastically .

4. Wiki for COVID-19 | Do you feel locked inside your home and want to travel?

The fourth video is what all of us need now. In these time of pandemic, tourism has been restricted, people are told to come outside only if its extremely important. It's not safe yet for tourism related things. So, we came up with this amazing concept of "Travel with Wikimedia Commons". It drives people who want to travel to beautiful places, enjoy tourist destinations in this travel restricted time to Wikimedia Commons so that they can get free access to photos of breathtaking tourist destinations staying at their homes.


Please report on your original project targets. Please be sure to review and provide metrics required for Rapid Grants.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
Number of Videos Produced: 3 4 Target Achieved. We produced four videos in this project exceeding our target.
Number of Video Views: 70,000+
Number of participant/viewers generated videos: 10+
Number of people reached: 200,000
Number of Accounts Opened: N/A 4 We didn't expect any, but to our surprise, four accounts were opened during this project. They are as: Sudhanshu Shekhar, Pawan Pandey, Rupesh Lekhak and Sayam Jaiswal

Pageviews Analysis
Pageviews Analysis of newiki, 20200601-20200930 (during project days)
Pageviews Analysis statistical table
Project Time period Siteviews Daily Average Reference
Nepali Wikipedia Jun 01-Sep 30 2020 2,485,693 20,375 Pageviews Analysis - Toolforge


Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

  • What worked well?
This project was the first of its kind in this pandemic that is promoting Wikipedia and increasing public awareness about COVID-19 at the same time. It was a challenge for us because we had to do everything online without any in-person communication. However, we managed to do it successfully using internet and telephonic conversation. Likewise, we got amazing responses from the videos we produced and our views are more than what we anticipated. Also, we didn't expect any new accounts, but to our surprise, four accounts were opened during this project.
  • What did not work so well?
  • What would you do differently next time?
Similar video promotional campaigns can be done in future targeting a larger mass in public when situation gets normal.


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