Grants:Project/Rapid/Semester Funding for Meetups in Rain Semester 2017/2018 Session, Wikimedia Fan Club, University of Ilorin/Report

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In gratitude and cheer, this grant created a spring board for the club to host 9 colorful edithathons where we have had tens of new editors, tens of new articles, hundreds of Common uploads, and thousands of edits. We now have been able to gather a diversity of students across diverse disciplines who advocate for open source learning, eagerly (and ethically) contribute to it, share the experience on their CVs and make awareness among their friends about the community and work that happens beyond the edit buttons.

We have also been able to fill the African content gap on Wikimedia projects and have even more women passionately join the Wikimedia movement.


Please report on your original project targets.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
Number of estimated participants at meetings: 25 11, 40, 40, 17, 23, 47, 47 respectively There were more participants physically (as seen in pictures) However, we chose to report those registered on the dashboard as they were the core editors in attendance.
Number of meetings: 12 9 The school calendar and availability of students kept the moderated the number of meetups possible. We had to ensure we were not having empty meetups but kept content and interest extraordinary.
Number of new editors 30 40 We exceeded our target.
80 new articles and more than 1000 edits 70 new articles and more than 3000 edits in meetups and continued thereafter We nearly exceeded our target and believe editors will create more articles on their own.
More than 130 images to commons 10 in use 432 images to commons 23 in use



Event number Event Date Event theme Meetup portal Commons Outreach dashboard Expense Cost Receipt Item's picture
1 July, 20th, 2018 Editathon on Articles needing copy editing,_Wikimedia_Fan_Club_University_of_Ilorin [,_Wikimedia_Fan_Club_University_of_Ilorin]
Venue 0 -
Food and drinks 11980
Calls/Airtime 100 -
Data 8500
2, 3 August 15th & 16th, 2018 Wikipedia's Voice,_Wikimedia_Fan_Club,_University_Of_Ilorin.,_Wikimedia_Fan_Club,_University_of_Ilorin's_Voice,_Training_for_editors_at_Wikimedia_Fan_Club,_UNILORIN Pre event meeting with excos 1400
Venue for 2 days 10000
Photographer 3000
Small chops 7000
Projector rent for 2 days 6000
Print Examination sheets 2500
Data 20000
Branded Jotter/Notebooks 30000
Food and drinks 60000
Certificates 500 x 29 14500
Transport for guest from FUNAAB 3000
Bank charges 68x8 544 -
4 December 14th, 2018 re-Vamped;_Wikimedia_Fan_Club,_University_Of_Ilorin,_Wikimedia_Fan_Club,_University_Of_Ilorin Registration of club with the university's student union 2500 Sent
Venue and refreshments 25000 Sent
Projector 3000
Photographer 4000
Data 15000
5, 6 March 8th and 11th, 2019 Beyond Reading;_Wikimedia_Fan_Club,_University_Of_Ilorin,_University_Of_Ilorin,_Beyond_Reading_Meetup,_Unilorin/Beyond_Reading,_Wikimedia_Fan_Club_University_of_Ilorin_Meetup_(March_8th_-_11th)?enroll=zhnefucb Venue and refreshments 44000 Sent
Photography 8000
Projector rent for 2 days 6000
Data 17000
Incentives 4000
Miscellaneous 1700
7, 8 May 23rd and 29th 2019 Wiki Hatch;_Wikimedia_Fan_Club,_University_Of_Ilorin,_Wikimedia_Fan_Club,_University_of_Ilorin. Food and drinks 1000x45 participantsx2 days 90000
Venue 10000
Projector rent for 2 days 6000
Data 20000
Photography 8000
Customized Shirts 90000 Sent
Transporting shirts 1000
Stickers 6000 Sent
9 July 31st, 2019 Hangout and Transition;_Wikimedia_Fan_Club,_University_Of_Ilorin
Total grant 585300
Total spent 577724
Total left 2576