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We were able to have new users and cover the eastern region of Uganda. This is a great success for these monuments to be documented on wikimedia.


Please report on your original project targets.

Target Outcome Achieved Outcome Explanation
2 Event 4 events we were wide spread in the country
5 New editors 6 new editors
5 repeat Participants 5 repeat
50 Participants 17 Uploader we focused on photographers
4 Articles Created The article creation event is in December
300 Photos Uploaded 397 Photos Uploaded We had an eastern and western region drive


What worked well[edit]

  • Working with photographers helped us not spread ourselves thin and we were able to get better quality of images
  • Focusing on uncovered regions in terms of documenting monuments

What did not work so well?[edit]

  • Working with heritage companies to donate material about monuments in Uganda. Events were postponed and yet they agreed to work with us . As such we dint hold article creation event

What would you do differently next time?[edit]

Give as much focus to article creation as well as photo competition.


Grant funds spent[edit]

Items Description Quantity Unit Price ($) UGX Total ($) Total Ugx Spent(ugx)
Transport Public transport to 2 upcountry locations to hold events 4 30 112,190 120 448,758 989,000
Accommodation Hotel accommodation for 2 people travelling to Western and Northern Region 4 30 112,190 120 448,758 416,000
Food Snacks and drinks for participants during introduction and upload events 2 60 224,379 120 448,758 529,900
Communications outreach Marketing materials (posters, fliers, social media) 1 100 373,965 100 373,965 300,000
Internet data Internet data at the 2 events 2 60 224,379 120 448,758 90,000
Best 3 photos Prizes for the three best photos 3 100 373,965 300 1,121,895 1,121,895
Best 3 articles Prizes for three best articles 3 100 373,965 300 1,121,895
Hiring lens 50,000
Total 1180 4,412,787 3,496,795

Remaining funds[edit]

I have some money left from the grant

Anything else[edit]

Anything else you want to share about your project?