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Felipe Schenone (User:Sophivorus)[edit]

Felipe in 2021.

Felipe has been contributing to the Wikimedia movement continually since 2008, first as an editor, then also as a developer. He's a "global interface editor", the main developer of the ProveIt gadget, the Wikidebate project, the WikiWidgets project, the Excerpt template among other advanced templates and modules. He's a profesional freelance web developer specialized in MediaWiki, has received and completed tree successful grants before this one, participated in two Wikimedia Hackathons and Wikimanias, and many other contributions over the years.

Jesica Pullo (User:PulloJesicaNoemi)[edit]

Jesica in 2019

Jesica has been contributing to the Wikimedia movement since 2018, I'm sustainable fashion designer and fashion activist. I signed up to create articles on topics and women that I find relevant in the sustainable fashion industry. We created this project because we saw the need to strengthen the bond between fashion and the Wikipedia community, so that together we may achieve the 2030 goal of having fair and pollution-free fashion.

Irina Bava (User:Irinarosarina)[edit]

Irina in 2018.

Irina is a ES-EN translator specialised in sustainable fashion. I've joined the Wikimedia community this year, with a view to making information on matters related to sustainable fashion more readily available to the wider community.