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summaryAwareness Creation & Capacity Building Project for student in various Senior High Schools
targetWikipedia & Wikicommons
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created on01:23, 18 February 2020 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

What problem are you trying to solve by doing this project? This problem should be small enough that you expect it to be completely or mostly resolved by the end of this project. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

This project seeks to create awareness and capacity building in various senior high schools on wikipedia and it sister projects and how they can make a difference acquiring digital skills.

What is your solution to this problem?[edit]

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The solution to this project is to have a series of training session [hand-on or edit-a-thon experience] with the students and tutors to helped them acquire the skills needed to contribute to various wiki projects.

We have targeted three school of which they have agreed for us to train the student and also establish a club in the school which we would monitor the success of the club. The three school we have partnered are as follows.

Project goals[edit]

What are your goals for this project? Your goals should describe the top two or three benefits that will come out of your project. These should be benefits to the Wikimedia projects or Wikimedia communities. They should not be benefits to you individually. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

  1. Add or improve content on en:Wikipedia and sister project
  2. Recruit new editors
  3. Awareness Creation
  4. Capacity Building
  5. knowledge through service & equity

Project impact[edit]

How will you know if you have met your goals?[edit]

For each of your goals, we’d like you to answer the following questions:

  1. During your project, what will you do to achieve this goal? (These are your outputs.)
  2. Once your project is over, how will it continue to positively impact the Wikimedia community or projects? (These are your outcomes.)

For each of your answers, think about how you will capture this information. Will you capture it with a survey? With a story? Will you measure it with a number? Remember, if you plan to measure a number, you will need to set a numeric target in your proposal (i.e. 45 people, 10 articles, 100 scanned documents). Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

We want to ensure that by the time the project ends:

  1. Improving the digital skills of students on how to use the knowledge of wikipedia to make a difference before and after the project.
  2. Student would be able to contribute and edit relevant article like their school and others content related to Ghana and the global community.
  3. We also turn to eliminate the digital gap in the country us student & teachers are trained. Thus we would be looking at the engagement of more female in the project.

Do you have any goals around participation or content?[edit]

Are any of your goals related to increasing participation within the Wikimedia movement, or increasing/improving the content on Wikimedia projects? If so, we ask that you look through these three metrics, and include any that are relevant to your project. Please set a numeric target against the metrics, if applicable.

  • Number of participants/student = 100
  • Number of photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons = 100
  • Number of photos used on Wikimedia projects = 15
  • Number of articles created = 15

Project plan[edit]


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. What will you and other organizers spend your time doing? What will you have done at the end of your project? How will you follow-up with people that are involved with your project?

The team has three senior high school onboard at the moment. What we have decided to do is to divide ourselves into three teams where each team would be allocated to a school.

The team would be working with the school for a period of eight month were would ensure that we train student and their teacher on digital skills acquisition in wiki education and sister project.

Basically because the project is a Pilot, the training topic that we be looking at are:

  • Introduction to Wikipedia: This topic would open the minds of student & teachers on what wikipedia is, how to research on the project, edit and contribute to the project.

Practically there would be series of edit-a-thon were student with the support from their teachers would be able to contribute to the project.

  • Introduction to Wikimedia Commons: This topic would turn out to train student & teachers on how to use wikicommons , how to upload free photos and also we would educate them on the license that comes along with the project.

Practically in other for this training to be successfully we would engage the school in a photo hunt for them to engage and understand the project.


How you will use the funds you are requesting? List bullet points for each expense. (You can create a table later if needed.) Don’t forget to include a total amount, and update this amount in the Probox at the top of your page too!

Item Unit Price (GHC) Unit Price (USD) Comments
Transportation 5000 936.241 Transportation for the team and volunteers for the project
Food 6500 1,217.11 Food for the team,volunteers and student for the period
Internet 4000 748.993 Internet for the period of the project
Printing 1500 280.872 Printed items for the project
Miscellaneous/Contigency 6000 1,123.49 Buck-up Plan
Total 23000 4306.706 Total in GHC & USD

Community engagement[edit]

How will you let others in your community know about your project? Why are you targeting a specific audience? How will you engage the community you’re aiming to serve at various points during your project? Community input and participation helps make projects successful.

Get involved[edit]


Please use this section to tell us more about who is working on this project. For each member of the team, please describe any project-related skills, experience, or other background you have that might help contribute to making this idea a success.

Community notification[edit]

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