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Funding to support Wikimedia movement activities is supported across eight regional areas. You can review more about each region below, including proposed, current, and completed projects and programs:


South Asia

Community Resources Regional Funds budget[edit]

Fiscal Year 2023–2024[edit]

In September 2023, we shared that the budget for funding programs had significantly increased in 2021–22 to support the new grants strategy and focus on underrepresented communities. Following this significant increase, this fiscal year 2023–2024 funding budget has stabilized at US $14,440,000 for the General Support Fund and Rapid Fund programs.

For fiscal year 2023 (July 2023 – June 2024), funding increased in all regions with a greater focus on underrepresented regions in order to promote equitable resource allocation. Each region was  allocated a budget percentage increase for this fiscal year, determined based on anticipated requests and regional inflation, as follows:

Funding region Actual funds distributed in FY 2022–23 Percentage of increase Projected budget in FY 2023-24
Central & Eastern Europe & Central Asia $1,161,255 9% $1,260,000
East, Southeast Asia, & Pacific $1,356,033 14% $1,540,000
Latin America & Caribbean $2,181,172 14% $2,480,000
Sub-Saharan Africa $1,913,452 13% $2,160,000
Middle East & North Africa $187,331 23% $230,000
South Asia $321,927 24% $400,000
North America $2,209,738 6% $2,340,000
Northern & Western Europe $3,805,159 6% $4,030,000
TOTAL $13,136,067 10% $14,440,000

Find your region[edit]

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