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Project Coordinator[edit]

Hours: Full time (40 hours per week)
Reporting to: Project development Commission (participated by the Board plus 2 observing members of the organization)
Purpose of job: Contribute to the design, planning, coordination and execution of projects and activities jointly with partners and volunteers for materializing and ensuring the viability of the values and mission of Amical Wikimedia.

Main duties[edit]

  • Contribute to the design, planning, coordination and execution of projects and activities jointly with partners and volunteers.
  • Evaluate the viability, resources and staff requirements of the planned activities and counsel the Board about these matters.
  • Advise the Board and the rest of the organization in the definition of activities that could fit the ongoing Strategic Plan.
  • Represent the organization in front of current and future partners with the knowledge and agreement of the Board.
  • Look for enrolling, engaging and making grow volunteers, both newbie and experimented ones, in activities and projects from the very beginning in their design and definition up to their conclusion and follow-up.
  • Ensure the self-sustainability of projects, so partners and volunteers can become fully empowered and assume major or full initiative in upcoming related activities. This can allow exploring other collaborations which their entry cost may be too time-consuming for volunteer profiles.
  • As far as there is no other profile involved, favor and lead that experiences and activities where involved may eventually contribute to indexable, open-access scientific or academic publication.
  • Coordinate with other profiles in order to ensure a correct management of the organization, a suitable internal and external communication, without actually assuming these tasks, but especially by pointing any aspect or repercussion linked to any ongoing and future projects.
  • Explore and advise the Board about any new source of funding that can safeguard both the sustainability of projects and of the very organization. Help, write and/or coordinate in the paperwork associated to grants and other sources of funding.

Time allocation[edit]

  • 30%. Community and volunteer engagement and growth. Online and offline design and discussion of activity plans, internal trainings and wiki personal development plans. Support and promotion of Wikimedia social meetups or related events.
  • 30%. Partner outreach and collaboration. Arrange and hold meetings with partners, design together with them common actions, support joint activities and ensure a follow-up from them for warranting a long-lasting impact.
  • 30%. Activity design, documentation and research. Sum-up and review experiences with volunteer and partners for designing better projects and metrics in the future. Follow and participate in global Wikimedia events related to the ongoing and future initiatives to exchange and incorportate newer trends in everyday activities. Translate outcomes into knowledge that can be useful and transformative for a wider community.
  • 10%. Reporting, coordination, funding paperwork and support to the Board and other profiles of the organization.

Time will be shared among the different programs according to their current state of self-sustainability. During the first months, more time is likely to be devoted to Community and coordination with the Board.

Management and reporting[edit]

The job will be under the supervision of a Project development Commission, participated by the Board and two observing organization members. Communication will be through a suitable email alias and an instant communication group (e. g. Signal group) shared between the Commission and the employee. At any time, at least 2 Commission members will be committed to fast response actions for any case of urgency requested by the employee.

The employee will provide periodically the Commission in a technically suitable manner a no later than one week account of his/her activities and progresses and, at the same time, any demands for ensuring their development in the upcoming days. At least a regular monthly online and/or presencial meeting will be scheduled between the employee and the Commission.

A summary report of the employee activities and meetings will be prepared in a quarterly-basis to be shared and discussed among the members of the organization in order to plan what to be changed or kept for future actions.