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Grant stage: complete
Grantee: Art+Feminism
Amount granted: $99,820 ($99,820)
Funding period: 15 November 2016 to 15 November 2017
Final report due: 15 December 201715 July 2018



These two requests are required of first-time applicants. In future years, you can use reports to substitute for these requirements.

  1. Link to one program story that showcases your organization's achievements in the past year.
    1) Art+Feminism IEG Final Report for 2015-2016 activities 2) "A Feminist Edit-a-thon Seeks to Reshape Wikipedia," by Taliva Lavin in The New Yorker.
  2. Link to one learning story you have created or contributed to, that demonstrates how your organization documents and applies learning.
    1) Learning Pattern: Hosting a multi-location gender gap edit-a-thon 2) The 45 minute video and handout from our talk at WikiConference USA 2015 entitled "How We Organized a 1,500 Person Meet Up (And You Could, Too!)"

Link to these documents only if you have them.

  1. Link to your organization's staffing plan. 2016 A+F Staffing Plan
  2. Link to your annual plan. 2016-2017 A+F Annual Plan
  3. Link to your strategic plan. This organization does not currently have a strategic plan; this is part of our goals for this upcoming year. It may be helpful to review our Diversity Review and our UX-UI Review which give a strong indication of our overall goals.

Please add your global metrics to this sheet. Contact APG staff if you need access. Please visit this worksheet to add or view global metrics targets and progress.



Over the last three years, over 4600 participants at more than 280 events around the world participated in Art+Feminism’s Edit-a-thons, resulting in the creation and improvement of more than 4600 articles on Wikipedia. These events are primarily held in the month of March, though groups hold events throughout the year under our banner. Over the past three years our events have experienced exponential growth, from 31 to 75 to 179 events each year. Each year we double, thus our growth models forecast 325 Events, 3500 participants, and between 5500-8000 pages created/improved next year.

Our goals are to:

  • Continue to organize the international Art+Feminism Editathons
  • Continue to train new editors, facilitators and event organizers
  • Continue to improve organizational capacity
  • Increase participant diversity

Our main activity is our annual edit-a-thon, which takes place around the world. In conjunction with and support of this event, we organize other events, including: public programming around the gender gap, being a woman online, online harassment, and women in the arts; and Train the Trainer events for volunteers and organizers, both online and in New York City (for example, see a Meet-Up page from a Train the Trainer). See our Annual Plan for a more detailed run-through of our metrics goals and our planned schedule for outreach, planning, and implementation.


Administrator/Project Manager

  1. Please link to a detailed job description, which shows how this staff person will help your organization achieve its goals.
    A+F Staffing Plan for 2016
  2. How long is this staff person or contractor's planned engagement with your organization, and how many hours will they work over the course of this grant?
    0.6 FTE or 24 hours/week = 1,248 hours over 12 months, on an ongoing basis
  3. Use a percentage of that person's total hours to show how they will spend their time on different programs and activities.
    100% Art+Feminism

Budget and resource plan[edit]

Link to a detailed budget (that also includes a plan for raising the resources you need). Google doc with 2016-2017 budget

Midpoint report[edit]

This is a brief report on the grantee's progress during the midpoint reporting period: 15 November 2016 - 15 May 2017.

Program story[edit]

Please link to one program story that showcases your organization's achievements during the reporting period.

Here is the text you may use to add a story or link!

See linked report on Wikipedia below.


Please add text or a link to a page with details on your program progress. This should including reporting against each of the SMART objectives from your proposal.



Please report your organization's total spending during the reporting period, or link to a financial document showing your total spending. Pending information from WMUS-DC.

Here is where your spending notes/explanations are.


Final report[edit]

This is the final report for your grant, describing your outcomes from the period .

Program story[edit]

Please link to one program story that showcases your organization's achievements during the reporting period.

See linked report on Wikipedia below.

Learning story[edit]

Please link to one learning story that shows how your organization documents lessons learned and adapts its programs accordingly.

See linked report on Wikipedia below.


Please add text or a link to a page with details on your program results. You should report on each of the objectives you included in your Simple APG application.


Please link to a detailed financial report for your spending during the grant period. This should be in the same format as your detailed budget from your Simple APG application.

See linked report on Wikipedia below.

Please include the total amount of Simple APG funds you spent during the grant period.