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Grants:Simple/Applications/Wikimedia Ghana User Group/2020

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Application or grant stage: grant in progress
Applicant or grantee: Wikimedia Ghana User Group
Amount requested: US$24,400
Amount granted: US$14,500
Funding period: 1 January 2019 - 31 December 2020
Midpoint report due: 15 July 2020
Final report due: 31 January 2021


About Wikimedia Ghana User Group (wmgh)[edit]

wmgh started operations in 2012 (initially as Planning Wikimedia Ghana) the first Ghanaian Wikimedian community. We pioneered Wikimedia community building in Ghana, West Africa and most parts of Sub Saharan Africa. We work to give every Ghanaian online a chance to discover Wikipedia and sister wikis and teach them how to use it and edit it.

Aside from recruiting and training new editors, existing editors also focus on improving content; embarking on advocacy work and building partnerships beneficial to the open knowledge cause.

Advocacy work includes campaigning for Freedom of Panorama in Ghana in 2018; while partnerships include ones with organisations like Impact Hub Accra, MTN Ghana, re:publica, GIMPA Law School, U.S. Agency for Global Media (formerly BBG), Barcamp Ghana, Africa Open Data Conference, Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa 2018 (FIFAfrica).

Our modest plan for our first-ever Simple Annual Plan Grant is to recruit new Wikimedians and engage about 300 current members. Additionally, we will embark on advocacy around Freedom of Panorama in Ghana. We will also work with partners to meet our goals. Overall, we should be able to contribute to the aims of the larger Wikimedia movement.

Annual Plan[edit]

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Budget Plan[edit]

Staffing Plan[edit]

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Strategic plan[edit]

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The set of activities under ‘Increasing Participation’, will ensure we meet our goal of helping Ghanaians online to discover Wikipedia and other Wikimedia open knowledge projects, build editing skills, as well as keeping editors engaged.

Proposed activities and goals are documented here.


This focuses on the advocacy initiatives we have and the initiatives towards policy that may be used even outside our group.

Proposed activities and goals are documented here.


This third program has to do with activities that will strengthen our group, make sure we have sustained human capacity and also the legal backing to embark on our projects in Ghana.

Proposed activities and goals are documented here.

Grant Metrics Reporting[edit]

Metrics, targets and results: grants metrics worksheet here.

Midterm report (January 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020)[edit]

wmgh began the year with no interruption to our plans of holding offline workshops. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions in Ghana by March 2020, we had to shift towards online activities. We also adjusted our expenditure and expectations. There is a likelihood we will underspend.

Program story[edit]

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Program Progress[edit]

Final report (January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020)[edit]

Program story[edit]

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Final report[edit]

Spending update Final[edit]


  • USD 2892.62/GHS15,906


  • USD 6115/GHS15,906

Spending update[edit]

Grant Metrics Reporting Final[edit]

Metrics, targets and results: grants metrics worksheet here.