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Executive Officer[edit]

  • Duties:
    • Submitting documents required by local laws as a non-profit incorporated organization
    • Managing financial accounts and writing financial reports.
    • Holding board meetings and general assembly meetings.
    • Fundrasing
    • Planning and managing domestic and international programs
  • Time: 5 days a week (equivalent 40 hours per week )

Project Manager[edit]

  • Duties:
    • Paninng and Managing domestic programs
    • Establishing and maintaining partnership with outer organization
      • Training educators or Wikimedians-in-residence
      • Helping students to submit their assignments
      • Holding editathons & evaluating results
      • Providing a technical advice
      • Training volunteer editors & monitoring their activities (student volunteer editing program & volunteer group cooperation)
    • Providing support for local communities (online editathons, offline meetups & innovation...)
    • Managing social media promotion
  • Time: 5 days a week (equivalent 40 hours per week )