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Application or grant stage: grant in progress
Applicant or grantee: Wikimedia New York City
Amount requested: $71,814.00 ($71,814.00)
Amount granted: $46,000 ($46,000)
Funding period: 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020
Application created: 1 May 2019
Recommended application date: 1 May 2019
Midpoint report due: 15 January 2020
Final report due: 30 July 2020



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  2. Link to your annual plan, for the upcoming funding period. Annual Plan 2019-2020
  3. Link to your strategic plan, which includes the upcoming funding period. Strategic Plan 2018–2020

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Please describe any changes to your programs for the upcoming funding period, including the addition of new programs or any programs you are no longer doing. Include your rationale for any major changes to your programs here.

Please use the templates provided to add information about each program you are planning for the upcoming funding period.

These program areas and the associated objectives were developed are derived from the Wikimedia NYC 2018-2020 Strategic Plan. For more information about the Chapter's plans for the upcoming year, please see the Annual Plan 2019-2020.

Chapter Membership & Community

This program area focuses on growing and supporting the Wikimedia NYC membership in order to sustain the activities of the Chapter and the communities it supports. This community includes long-time editors, librarians, journalists, activists, students, retirees, developers, and artists, each of which have their own motivations for engaging with Wikimedia projects broadly and the Wikimedia NYC community specifically. In order to grow this community, Wikimedia NYC must establish a more networked membership, strengthen individual engagement with chapter activities, and provide more opportunities to advance into leadership positions. This requires infrastructure built in response to community need, starting with a friendly and welcoming space in which to operate.

We will know we are successful this grant period when:

  • Attendance at member events such as Wikipedia Day and the monthly WikiWednesday Salon & Skill-Share increases by 25%.
  • Effective means of reporting harassment are in place.


The partnerships program area provides support for programming and content contributions in collaboration with institutional partners. The scope of partnerships includes formal collaborations with Wikimedia user groups such as AfroCROWD and Art + Feminism, as well as institutions such as libraries, archives and museums, local colleges and universities, and smaller activist groups. Wikimedia NYC prioritizes partnerships with groups that share its non-profit status and its mission of supporting free access to knowledge.

Existing partnerships will be sustained through identifying and addressing additional areas of support and engagement.

In service to supporting the principles of knowledge equity, Wikimedia NYC aims to partner with geographically and financially diverse range of institutions. Through increasing programming in New York City's boroughs and the larger Metropolitan area, Wikimedia NYC will provide more opportunities for local knowledge to be made global.

We will know we are successful this grant period when:

  • Wikimedia NYC establishes five new partnerships with institutions that report less than 15 full-time employees.

Outreach and Education

The outreach and education program area focuses on activities that promote and advance the work of the Chapter and its vision for open knowledge. Wikimedia NYC has hosted public facing edit-a-thons and meetups for over ten years, and is one of the most active volunteer chapter doing this work. However, there has not been a clear means of connecting local event attendees with the larger Wikimedia and open knowledge movement, and, in turn, many Wikimedians are unaware of the activities of the local chapter. Wikimedia NYC shares the vision of knowledge as a service, and aims to deepen the connections between the peoples of New York and the global open knowledge movement through its work in this program area.

We will know we are successful this grant period when:

  • Wikimedia NYC members speak about Wikimedia and/or open knowledge at two additional events in the New York metropolitan area.
  • The Wikimedia NYC web presence is accurate, up to date, and developed with each of its audiences in mind (e.g., Wikimedians, Wikipedians, wider public).

Content Contributions

This program area focuses on institutional partnerships and public-facing events that contribute content to Wikimedia projects in the form of text, media, and data. Approaching on ten years since it founded the movement's first museum and library collaboration events, Wikimedia NYC continues to support new and diverse editors in making contributions through this method. In addition, the Chapter recognizes its city as the cultural capital of the world, and regularly encourages and facilitates large content donations from local cultural heritage organizations, the most recent instance being the donation of 375,000 high-resolution images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Whether encouraging contributions through edit-a-thons or batch uploads, Wikimedia NYC is committed to identifying and addressing content gaps. As the Chapter moves forward, it will continue its work to address race and gender content gaps on Wikipedia, and extend this to other underrepresented groups. In addition, Wikimedia NYC will further advance knowledge equity by extending this work to Wikimedia projects beyond English Wikipedia.

We will know we are successful this grant period when:

  • Wikimedia NYC facilitates one content donation from an institutional partner to a Wikimedia project.

Staff and contractors[edit]

Please describe any changes to your staffing plan for the upcoming funding period. These should include increases in staff or contractor hours, new staff positions, or staff positions you are removing. Include your rationale for any staffing changes here.

Wikimedia NYC closed the Communications Manager position. The Support & Safety Design consultant was hired for a one year project that will end in June 2019.

For each new staff or contractor position, please use the template provided to add information about each new staff or contractor you are planning for the upcoming funding period (or to describe significant increases in hours or changes in job descriptions for existing staff). You are not required to provide this information for existing staff where no changes are required.

Budget and resource plan[edit]

Link to a detailed budget for the upcoming funding period. This budget should include all of your organizations expenses. Please specify which expenses will be covered from your APG.

sAPG 2019-2020 Budget Request