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This page describes the annul plan for 2020/21 of Wikimedia South Africa(WMZA).


The main goal of Wikimedia ZA is to diversify, augment and improve the content about South Africa by South Africans on Wikimedia projects. Also to increase the contribution of South Africans in Wikimedia projects with a particular emphasis on expanding the diversity of South African editors whilst growing the community.

How WMZA projects (red circles) relate to the chapter's theory of change. Each project produces certain metrics (blue rectangles) that in tern produce certain results (green rectangles). The black dots represent the 5 strategic overall goals that are part of WMZA's 2020-25 strategy. Namely Ac = Access (to free knowledge), C = Capacity (more chapter members in addition to book keeper and administrator increases chapter capacity), D = Diversity (both geographical and demographic), Aw = Awareness (of the chapter and the Wikipedia project). Flexibility is more of an operating tactic or operating procedure to allow us to be agile meaning it wont really appear naturally in this chart.

5-year overall strategic goals[edit]

Following the chapter's formation of its five year strategy for 2020-2025 these main goals have evolved and been re-conceptualised into five overall strategic goals. These are Access, Capacity, Diversity, Awareness and Flexibility.

2020/21 objectives[edit]

In the context of these five overall 5-year strategic goals six objectives have been identified and are outlined below for FY 2020/21:

  1. Increase the diversity of the South African Wikimedia community
  2. Increase the number of local editors
  3. Increase chapter membership
  4. African language Wikipedia growth
  5. Enhanced Africa related Wikipedia content
  6. Friendlier and more welcoming editing environment

The interplay of the above six objectives with their respective matrices and associated projects in the context of the five main goals for the next five years is illustrated in the chart above.

Project types[edit]

Just as in the 2019 strategic plan these projects can be categorised into two basic types. These are:

  1. Outreach with possible partner organisations to effectively implement goal meeting projects such as South African language editathons or upload marathons that expand local content on Wikimedia projects.
  2. Chapter support for local editors to contribute to Wikimedia projects and participate in broader community.

As such all projects carried out by Wikimedia ZA will fall under one of these two program types. Their respective objectives supporting WMZA's six priorities.


SMART objectives for the Wikimedia ZA 2020/21 grant application.

SMART project matrix
Program type
Chapter support
Overall five-year strategic goal Diversity
Access Access Diversity
Projects African



African language



University & School roadshows Wikipedia awareness banner adds General

Outreach & 1Lib1Ref

Cape Town



Copyright reform advocacy Wikipedia Book Shelf Community Survey Administrator
Specific Primary: encourage the growth of South African language Wikipedia communities

Secondary: Improving quality and number of articles on South African language Wikipedias

Focus languages: xh, zu, nso, tn, ts, st, ss, ve, nr

Improving quality and number of articles on one or more South African language Wikipedias. Increase the number and the diversity of contributors from schools and universities on Wikimedia projects. Will deploy digitally until the COVID-19 pandemic is over. A long running banner add campaign on Wikipedia for non-logged in visitors. Objective is to raise awareness of what Wikipedia is and how to get involved. Need: awareness of Wikipedia and how it works is low in South Africa. Grow the South African free knowledge community and expand free knowledge content and awareness. Continue support for the 1Lib1Ref camping and grow Wikipedia amongst Librarians. Setup of technology to support local Kwix projects. Rolled over from 2019. Advocate for the adoption of Freedom of Panorama (FoP) and Fair Use in South African Copyright Law. No funding required or requested from the WMF. Internationalise the South African editor community. Strengthen international community contacts. Knowledge sharing with other chapters and editors internationally. Conduct a survey on the South African Wikipedia editing community. Followup to the 2015 survey. Strengthen WMZA institutional capacity. See staffing plan for more details.
  • Number of champions onboarded
  • Articles Edited
  • Articles Created
  • New Editors
  • Growth in relevant language Wikipedia editor community (before program vs after program)
  • Articles Edited
  • Articles Created
  • Participant Editors
  • Public exposure
  • Program participation
  • Number of new possible partner organisations
  • Increase in the number of Wikipedia editors in South Africa (will need assistance from WMF to get this data)
  • Qualitative feedback from survey and other sources.
  • Encourage the development of open knowledge communities.
  • Promote the use of free knowledge resources.
  • Develop and disseminate free knowledge.
  • Grow the WMZA chapter.
Ability to update Kwix units in the greater Cape Town area via TV signals. Adoption of FoP and Fair Use into South African copyright law. Progress towards this goal if it is not reached within 2019. Send 2 South African Wikipedia/Wikimedia editors to attend Wikimania 2019. To be awarded to established editors who have never attended a Wikimania outside of South Africa before. Collect updated data about the South African editing community. On time reports, volunteer capacity, institutional capacity. Hire administrator, clear up bureaucratic backlogs, maintain membership roster, etc.
Achievable Discott, Bobbyshabangu, Oesjaar Dumbassman, Bobbyshabangu Bobbyshabangu, A3 Baard, Oesjaar A3 Baard Discott, Bobbyshabangu, A3 Baard, Michaelgraaf, Dumbassman, YaguraStation, Greenman, Dagelf, University of Cape Town Michaelgraaf, Cape Town TV Discott Discott Discott Dagelf, Discott, Bobbyshabangu
Realistic Little impact has been made on this consistent chapter goal. This is both a very difficult task and one we have no prior metrics to gauge possible impact on. From previous experience (2012) we know that this is a very difficult task. We have decided to engage in a new stategy of finding and recruiting volunteer African language champions. Known public personalities with a passion for African languages to publicly encourage others to edit.
  • 2 volunteer language Wiki champions recruited
  • 10 new editors
  • 200 articles created
  • 100 program participants
  • Over 1000 articles edited
  • Over 150 articles created
  • Over 5 participant Editors
  • Impact on one or more South African language Wikipedias over than English.
  • 20 new editors
  • 30 program participants
  • Two partner organisation meetings.
  • Positive qualitative feedback.
  • 100 new South Africa based editors
  • Noticeable and abnormal increase in African language editors.
  • 60 participants
  • 200 new articles
  • 600 edited articles
  • 10 new chapter members
Successful setup of technology to allow for remote Kiwix updates. Uncertain. WMZA has played a significant role in getting both FoP and Fair Use provisions included into the current draft of the Copyright Amendment Bill. Provision of 10 reference resources to local editors
Run survey and collect 400 survey results. Growth of institutional capacity.
Time-related Year long, ongoing One month Two weeks Three to Six months Ongoing One day Ongoing Two months Two to Three months. Ongoing

With certainty[edit]