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Applicant or grantee: Wikimedia Taiwan
Amount granted: 1,970,000 NTD (1,788,500 NTD + 10% contingency) (65,000 USD (59000 USD + 6000 USD contingency fee))
Funding period: 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018
Midpoint report due: 15 July 2018
Final report due: 30 January 2019



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Please describe any changes to your programs for the upcoming funding period, including the addition of new programs or any programs you are no longer doing. Include your rationale for any major changes to your programs here.

Please use the templates provided to add information about each program you are planning for the upcoming funding period.

*Wikipedia Education Program


Since cooperation with the NCCU course "World Ethnography" in 2014, WMTW and Taiwan Wikimedia communities have run education program 3 years. After the wiki club of NTU being set up last year, the number of courses in WEP is increase significantly. 7 courses in 3 school (NCCU, NTU and TCU) joined the program, brought Wikipedia more than 100 new users, and more than 90 articles had been established or improved.


By the situation, WMTW have made qualitative research reports on the cooperation of the four Taiwan university education programs in 2nd semester of 2016 academic year (February to August 2017). We hear volunteers talking about that they are over-loading and need more resources from chapter. If we can't make some specific responses to these needs this year, WEP in Taiwan may be foiled because volunteers burn out. For the reason, we will focus on education program with new staff input. We hope the base installation of WEP can be established this year, to let WEP has the capacity of sustainable development.


Otherwise, we organized Taiwan task force of WikiProject Medicine since 2014. The task has translated more than 300 articles to Chinese Wikipedia, the number is 2nd of all language versions. Most volunteers of this project are students study in College of Medicine, so we'll support them by resources of WEP. There are several active translators in the project, but only one volunteer move the translated text to Wikipedia. Beside increasing the number of translator, we need more volunteers who can help Wikify at the same time.


This program will be the top priority of WMTW in 2018. That is to say if we can get the amount we expect in the grant, we'll decrease the goals of other program, to make sure all the goals of WEP can be reached.

策略 Strategy


This year WMTW will make the Education Program with more staff input so the service can maintain consistent, there will be 3 points in development

  1. 找到更多的校內合作伙伴
    Find more cooperative partner in schools.
  2. 建立「開設課程專案」的工作模型
    Establish a model about “How to start an education program/project”
  3. 建立影響力的量化及質化研究
    Establish quantitative or qualitative influence researches of education program.

具體目標 SMART goals

  1. 教育專案合作課程到達10個,其中有3個是與過去未曾合作過的教師。
    Cooperate with 10 courses, including 3 teachers that never work with before.
  2. 成立2個維基的學生社團。共有12場的活動,參與活動人數60人。
    Help 2 student wiki clubs to be created. The 2 new clubs will hold 12 events with 60 participants in one year totally.
  3. 在5月底前完成一份線上教育專案工作手冊,讓沒有教育專案經驗的老師與志工可以快速了解執行專案的know-how,即使不向協會先諮詢也能開啟專案。
    Publish 1 on-line education program handbook before May 31. The handbook will help school teachers or Wikimedia volunteers can get the know-how of running a project, then they can start a project without asking Chapter first.
  4. 在7月-9月間舉行至少1場志工訓練,訓練10名志工使用統計工具、設計問卷和說故事的技能,以便在學期結束時能展示成果。
    Hold 1 volunteer training event during July to September at least. We will train 10 volunteers to use dashboard tools, design a survey, and tell the story, in order to show there outcome at the end of semester.
  5. 有50%以上的專案使用 Programs & Events Dashboard 進行統計。
    Half projects account their output by Programs & Events Dashboard.
  6. 針對至少3個合作專案進行質化研究(訪談教師、學生或組織志工)
    Publish quantitative research for 3 or more projects. (interviews with teachers, students or volunteers)
  7. 醫學專案增加30名新譯者,以及5名維基化志工
    30 new translators and 5 new Wikify volunteers or more in task force of WikiProject Medicine.

*GLAM Partnership Initiative


Taiwan Wikimedia community has little contact with GLAM organize before. The only support we get from GLAM are docent reservation or book lending when need for active. However, in the late of 2017, the Li Mei-shu (a deceased known Taiwanese painter) Memorial Gallery invite us a cooperation project to donate the digital files of all collections to Wikimedia movement; and a on-line Gallery want donate about 100 photo or video files to Commons, but we haven't started to sort out and upload them on a large scale.


We hope to finished the two projects, and find some new partners by the outcome of these, to start up the GLAM program in Taiwan.

策略 Strategy


To make potential partners, since partnership in the past didn't go deep.

具體目標 SMART goals

  1. 執行3個館聯專案。一個專案必須達成下列其中一項目標才算被執行:
    Done 3 GLAM projects. A project will be determined “done” if any the following target is reached:
    1. 為維基媒體計畫增加了50個以上的多媒體檔案。
      Increase more than 20 multi-media files to Wikimedia projects.
    2. 舉辦一系列編輯聚會,所有場次共有30個以上的參與者,包括5名館聯機構中的員工或導覽志工。
      Hold a series of successful meetups (a series means at least 5 meetups) including and have 30 participants or more in all meetups totally.
    3. 與任何館聯機構簽訂書面合作協議,並且在年底前完成協議中規畫的進度。
      Sign a cooperation agreement with any GLAM organize, and right on target at the end of year.
  2. 製作館聯專案的宣傳品:
    Make promo of GLAM:
    1. 印刷的傳單、酷卡或貼紙 1000 份以上。我們會在館聯活動中發放、在合作夥伴的空間展示,或者在WMTW擺放攤位的會議中發放,向一般大眾宣傳維基媒體計畫中有館聯專案。
      1000 (or more) leaflets, cool cards or stickers 1000. We'll distribute it in GLAM events, GLAM partner's space, or WMTW's stand in some conferences, to introduce GLAM program to normal people.
    2. 線上版的推廣合作文件1份,向館聯機構介紹如何開啟合作專案。
      An online promoting document, to teach organize of GLAM how to start a GLAM project with us.

*Marginal Communities Facilitation Program


WMTW re-grant 5 communities in 2017. All communities with or without re-granted by us hold more than 600 events, and improve more than 250 articles. Analyzing the outcome of last year, we find that local community can not increase its influence necessarily even we input some resource, because the limit of manpower. Student club or community with some main themes have more growing potential. The work pushing student club has been moved into Wikipedia education program, so we'll pay more attention to push marginal communities.


By the outcome in 2017, 4 themes will be the top targets we want to push. They are gender, small languages, photography, and MediaWiki programing. We choose these themes because they all had a little result before.


About gender, the women community "A Room of WikiWomen's Own" have 5 fixed members and about 8-15 participants in their monthly meetup. It's a stable community and energetic enough to hold Art and Feminism Edit-a-thon. They can hold meetup by themselves without helping from chapter in the 2nd half of 2017. We can work in coordination with theme, and focus on increase their influence. For example, in 2017, we hold a editing class with "Awaken Foundation" (a gender movement organize), and invited "The Society of Taiwan Women in Science and Technology" (TWIST) to provide some reference about biographies of Taiwan women in science and technology. We can still work with these two organizes and find some partners else.


About small language, we are running project of incubating Wikipedia in Taiwanese aborigines languages with ALCD of NCCU. The are 5 during 16 aborigines languages were maintained the most active communities by Incubator in 2017. ALCD of NCCU consider to continue the project, and wish that some aborigine people can successfully have Wikipedia in their native language version.


In 2017, we also hold photography competition WLM & WLE, and developed IDS (Ideographic Description Sequence) system for MediaWiki to show some Chinese character without Unicode which are used in Southern Min or Yue Chinese. We hope some communities of multimedia or technology will be created by contributors.

策略 Strategy


The Wikimedia communities in Taiwan have reach sufficient momentum, we will focus this year to make them more diverse. Especially the diversity of language, gender, and the way of their contribution (which means not only text content, but multimedia or technology side of contribution).

具體目標 SMART goals

  1. 每季舉辦一場非中文維基媒體計畫的活動,總計20人參與。活動可以選擇聚焦在以下幾個計畫:
    Hold 1 event that not for Chinese Wikimedia project per season, with 20 participants totally. The event can be focus on these project:
    1. 閩南語維基百科
      Southern Min Wikipedia
    2. 客語維基百科
      Hakka Wikipedia
    3. 維基孵育場
  2. 與台灣的性別運動組織(包含女性運動組織、同志運動)合作3場活動,有30人參與(包括10名組織的職員或長期志工)。其中有10個以上的新註冊帳號。
    Have 3 events with Taiwan NGOs that forcus on gender movement. 30 participants (10 of them are staff or long-time volunteer in NGOs) including 10 new registed user.
  3. 建立一個線上的MediaWiki程式社群,有20個成員,至少有1場實體聚會活動。
    Start an online community for programming MediaWiki, with 20 members and 1 offline meetup.
  4. 參與舉辦兩場國際的攝影賽事,增加1000張照片。
    Hold 2 international photographic competition to increase 1000 photos on Wikimedia.

Staff and contractors[edit]

Please describe any changes to your staffing plan for the upcoming funding period. These should include increases in staff or contractor hours, new staff positions, or staff positions you are removing. Include your rationale for any staffing changes here.

See also: Staff Plan

2018我們計畫增加1FTE的職員。其中0.5FTE是來自去年以自籌款項雇用的行政人員。這個職員已聘雇兩年,但去年因為Simple APG只給予 1 FTE,我們以自籌款項支付,今年希望改由Simple APG支應。另外0.5FTE是教育專案的經理人,他的工作在下一節敘述。

We plan to add 1 FTE staff in 2018. 0.5 FTE is from administration who hired by self-raising income last year. The staff actually is hired for two years, but cause the grant only gave us 1 FTE last year, so we raised his paid from other side. We hope that can back to simple APG this year. Another 0.5 FTE is for education program manager, his work is in the next section.

For each new staff or contractor position, please use the template provided to add information about each new staff or contractor you are planning for the upcoming funding period (or to describe significant increases in hours or changes in job descriptions for existing staff). You are not required to provide this information for existing staff where no changes are required.

  • 教育專案經理人 (0.5 FTE):負責推廣教育專案。他的工作有:
    Education Program Manager
    1. 舉辦教育專案活動並追蹤活動成果
      Hold events and track outcome of education program.
    2. 開發新的合作對象
      Find new partners.
    3. 撰寫教育專案的研究報告
      Write research reports.
    4. 經營教育專案相關的社群頻道
      Manage education program channel on social media.

Budget and resource plan[edit]

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