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Application or grant stage: grant application
Applicant or grantee: Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group
Amount requested: 5,460 EUR + 10% contingency = 6000 EUR (6,500 USD + 10% contingency = 7,000 USD)
Amount granted: 6,000 EUR for 6 months (5,460 EUR + a 10% contingency) (~$7,000 including 10% contingency)
Funding period: 1 July 2018 to 31 December 2018
Application created: 1 May 2018
Recommended application date: 1 May 2018
Midpoint report due: 15 October 2018
Final report due: 30 January 2019



These two requests are required of first-time applicants. In future years, you can use reports to substitute for these requirements.

  1. Link to one program story that showcases your organization's achievements in the past year.
    Wiki Loves Monuments; Wiki Loves Earth
  2. Link to one learning story you have created or contributed to, that demonstrates how your organization documents and applies learning.
    Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group/2016-2017 Report

Link to these documents, for the upcoming funding period, only if you have them.

  1. Link to your organization's staffing plan, for the upcoming funding period. This organization is not requesting staff to be funded from WMF. However, other financing avenues are being looked for possible funding of one project manager.
  2. Link to your annual plan, for the upcoming funding period. *
  3. Link to your strategic plan, which includes the upcoming funding period. *

Please add your grants metrics to this sheet. Note that requirements for shared metrics have changed for grants starting 1 January 2017 or later. Grants with start dates before 1 January 2017 should still use the old Global Metrics.

Please visit this worksheet to view global metrics targets and progress.


Please use the templates provided to add information about each program you are planning for the upcoming funding period.


Through cooperation with two high-schools , students and teachers will be supported in transforming some of their writing assignments into Wikipedia articles. Language and IT teachers will cooperate to make these assignments a success both from the writing and the technical perspective.


  • establish partner relations with educational institutions;
  • enhance support material on editing on Wikimedia projects
  • inclusion of students on Wikimedia projects;
  • increase number of content on Wikimedia projects (especially Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons);
  • inclusion of teachers in Wikimedia projects;

Measures of success:

  • 200 participants;
  • 100 new articles
  • 50 photographs uploaded on Wikimedia Commons;
  • 2 press release sent to the media, 2 radio or TV appearances;


We will cooperate with GLAM institutions, of importance here being Kosovo Museum in Prishtina and National Museum in Tirana, to work on GLAM programs. We'll support work of a Wikimedian in Residence at the Kosovo Museum, with the support of which we will also organize an editathon on Museum artifacts.

WLM Editathon in Prishtina


  • establish relations with GLAM institutions
  • make GLAM institutions aware of Wikimedia projects as a tool that supports their mission
  • enrich Wikipedia with new content;

Measures of success:

  • One Wikimedian in Residence at Kosovo Museum will be facilitated and supported:
  • 1 editathon with 30 participants at the Kosovo Museum on the theme of archeology will be supported with 20 new articles;
  • 1 editathon with 30 participants at the National Museum, Tirana, with 15 new articles;
  • 200 photos of Museum artifacts will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons;
  • 2 press release sent to the media, 2 radio or TV appearances.

Open activities and outreach

We will reach out to media to showoff Wikimedia projects. We will present in 2 conferences. In addition, Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in Kosovo and Albania will be organized.


  • increase the number of free photos related to cultural and natural monuments of Kosovo and Albania on Wikimedia Commons;
  • increase the number of articles related to these monuments on Wikipedia;
  • promote Wikimedia’s mission and awareness of its projects among Albanian speakers;
  • promote free knowledge concept;
  • attract new volunteers and community members.
Wikidiversity editathon Tirana

Measures of success:

  • WLM (September) will produce 800 photos
  • City Photowalk (August) with 7 student photographers: 250 photos
  • 10 editathons with at least 150 participants overall will be organized in Kosovo, Albania and Albanian-speaking population of Macedonia: 150 articles
  • Photo Competition (July) with University of Prishtina Summer School: 70 photos on Wikimedia Commons
  • 4 press releases sent to the media, 2 radio or TV appearances.
  • Presentations will be made in 2 conferences


Please use the templates below to add information about each staff or contractor position you are planning during the upcoming funding period.

This organization is not requesting staff from WMF.

Budget and resource plan[edit]

Link to a detailed budget for the upcoming funding period. This budget should include all of your organizations expenses. Please specify which expenses will be covered from your APG. :Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group/Budget plan