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Grants:PEG/Sudhanwa/CMDA IT Expo, Pune

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This submission to the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Program was funded in the fiscal year 2011-12. This is a grant to an individual.

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Grant contact name

Sudhanwa Jogalekar

Grant contact user-name or e-mail


Grant contact title (position)
Project lead name

Sudhanwa Jogalekar

Project lead user-name or e-mail


Project lead title (position), if any

Wikimedia India Chapter EC member, GAC member

Full project name

Computers and Media Dealers Association (CMDA) IT Expo Exhibition 2011 Stall

Amount requested (in USD)


Provisional target start date

15th Dec 2011

Provisional completion date

18th Dec 2011

Budget Breakdown

Item Amount in INR Amount in $
Flex banner printing, size 4' x 4'. This can be used for all future events INR160 $3.06
Generic handout A4 size printing on both side. Qty 5000 @ 1.25 Rs.per handout INR6,250 $119.51
Specific handouts for Marathi wikipedia, wikiacademy, feedback etc. Qty 1500 INR1,875 $35.85
PC rental for 4 days of CMDA expo INR2,000 $38.24
Refreshment for volunteers across 4 days INR1,000 $19.12
CD/DVD creation of offline Wikipedia for distribution in the expo. INR2,000 $38.24
Total INR13,285 $254.03

Assumption is that $1 = INR 52.2972 [1]

Project scope

  • We will attend and participate in the Computers and Media Dealers Association (CMDA) IT Expo Exhibition 2011 to be held in Pune from 15th - 18th December. Please check www.cmdapune.com for more info. CMDA is one of the premier associations of IT dealers and resellers in India. It is ranked as the best associations in India by the magazine DQ week. It undertakes various initiatives every year, touching upon important aspects such as increasing IT awareness, training and development, sports, recreation and charity. The estimated number of people attending this expo is around 50,000 people. CMDA IT expo is already given a lot of exposure in the print media, FM Radio and through other advertisements.
  • This would be a major outreach program that would boost the growth of Wikimedia projects in English and Marathi among a large audience coming from diverse backgrounds - from students, vendors, shoppers, professionals, non-techies, visitors curios about expo etc.
  • The plan is to conduct a basic introductory outreach for visitors to the stall and to encourage them to attend our planned training workshops and involve themselves in various Wiki activities.
  • It is planned to spread awareness about Pune Wikipedians and its activities.
  • A team of 4 core community members (Chapter EC member and SIG leaders) are being mobilised alongwith about 10 other community members to participate in this event.
  • Wikimedia India Programs team has promised resources in terms of people as well as organisational support as may be required by the community.
  • Apart from the stall, we will also be having a talk on Marathi Wikipedia in the seminar section of the expo.That will also help in getting more people to the stall and overall awareness.

Project Goal

  • Reach out to more people to increase their understanding of how Wikimedia projects work, and enable them to pass this knowledge on to others.
  • Improving and building upon contributions to Wikimedia projects in English & Marathi.
  • Increasing the visibility, reach and access to Wikimedia projects in India and especially in Pune.
  • Provide CD/DVD of offline Wikipedia.
  • Sign up people interested in our various activities & any other training workshops planned.
  • Raise funds for Wikipuneri/chapter through membership

Non-financial requirements

  • T-shirts : 100
  • Stickers :4000
  • Buttons : 300
  • Local volunteer support from Pune and other cities and towns.

Other benefits

  • A strong, diverse and engaged community.
  • Growth in editorship and readership from Pune.

Measure of success


We will consider this project a success if the funds are used for this purpose. We will be able to report on:

  • Footfall at the CMDA IT Expo Exhibition 2011 Stall
  • Estimate of materials distributed
  • Estimate of offline Wikipedia CDs/DVDs distributed
  • Any distinct follow-up initiatives with the attendees as a direct result of the stall
  • Number of people sign up for Wikiacademies.