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Event name[edit]

Wiki-conference 2016 (Kiev)

Participant connections[edit]

Connected with many participant from Ukraine and abroad. About some of them please read below.


During 6th Ukrainian Wikiconference which took place in Kyiv participated 59 person from different regions of Ukraine. Also guests from Poland, Russia and USA were present. The event has a good choise of content and wide geography of participants with nice speeches which helped me to have wide understanding of discussed questions. There were many interesting things in the speeches. For me it was important to get to know about how other volunteers work, to ask them questions and receive quality answers.

During the conference I represented my speech about “Role of Bashkir Women in Wikipedia” and “Cooperation with Mass-Media” and let to know about Bashkir volunteers’ experience. Participants focused their attention on active role of women in Bashkir Wikipedia and I was asked a number of questions as Bashkir Wikimedian Community is one of communities where women in general are more presented.

The conference has given an opportunity to see the problems of developping Wikipedia more globally and possible ways of solving them. Moreover, it is a good chance to exchange experience and problems with participants from other communities.

As for me, I found to be interesting speech of Julia Maria Koszewska, teacher of literature from Shenderivka village of Cherkassy Oblast Valentyna Kodola, and also speeches on topics “Students, edit Wikipedia” and “Projects in БоГеМА” (Ukrainian variant of GLAM). The format of sessions and topics has given opportunities to receive new knowledge, useful and interesting information, new ideas and emotions. Now I know how to make a workshop for teachers of Bashkir language and literature, teachers of history, stuff of museums or natural reserves. I also studied how to atract students from University and high school with help of teachers and professors to edit Wikipedia, and how to develop national culture, art, language by using modern technologies for all-time improvement and developpment of Bashkir Wikipedia, and to be a represented nation in global information space.

The nearest future I plan to have meeting with students of pedagogical colledge, teachers of Bashkir Gymnasium named after Yanybai Khamatov (Яныбай Хаматов), stuff of the library named after Daut Yultyi (Даут Юлтый), and members of writers organization “Idel’ Bashy” («Идель Башы»). I will try to teach them how to make a pedagogical exeriment of editing Wikipedian instead of referats (course works) and to use integrated lessons in the studying process. I will explane to museum and natural reserve stuff how they can successfully cooperate with Wikipedia and in the same time to create and develop information space with resources in native language. I am also in a process of preparing the article to Republican newspaper “Bashkortostan” about attracting new users and will share some ideas from Polish and Ukrainian Wikipedians.


Calculation documented costs

  • Train tickets Кiev-Moskow, 2016-09-05, — 2794.55 UAH = 7108.30 RUB (document №1)
  • Train tickets Moskow-Кiev, 2016-09-02, — 5935.60 RUB (document №2)
  • Aeroexpress tickets Paveletsky station-Airport Domodedovo, 2016-09-02, — 470 RUB (document №3)
  • Aeroexpress tickets Airport Domodedovo-Paveletsky station, 2016-09-02, — 530 RUB (document №4)
  • Air tickets Ufa-Moskow-Ufa, 2016-09-02 / 2016-09-07, — 11250.88 RUB (documents №5,№6,№10 )
  • Bus tickets Beloretsk-Ufa, 2016-09-02, documented № 005490 — 500 RUB (document №7)
  • Bus tickets Ufa-Beloretsk, 2016-09-07, documented № 000751 — 500 RUB (document №8)
  • Enter the territory of Airport Ufa, 2016-09-02 — 200 RUB (document №9)
  • Service purchase train tickets, 2016-09-01, — 599.90 RUB (document №11)
  • Service purchase train tickets, 2016-09-01, — 149.78 UAH = 380.99 RUB (document №12)
  • The tax on personal income — 4105.56 RUB = USD 65.17
    • Total — 31581.23 RUB = USD 501.29

Amount left over[edit]

Anything else[edit]

Next Wikimeeting with representatives of Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group I will tell about the conference in Kyiv.