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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!





I will stick to the shared experience one!

Shared Experience[edit]

I was mostly in the Hackathon area, hacking on the Newsletter extension to get it into production. Things changed after meeting Legoktm, and his thoughts about converting everything to ContentHandler. I worked on that with help of QGil, Hoo and Glaisher, and could come up with a huge patch (~600 lines), still in Gerrit review. Shifting to Contenthandler gave us a lot of unexpected goodies like better page movements, renames, deletion logs and a solid revision control from the Wiki. I dearly thank Legoktm for pointing the Newsletter team to this one, saving us from re-inventing the things again. The details are updated in

I could also setup meetings with my GSoC 2014 mentor Jeff Green on working with notifying failing recipient and sender via the BounceHandler extension. This has been discussed for lot in phab, but it was great to have a discussion with a pen and paper, clearly listing out what can go wrong, and devising a plan. The notes are updated in

Detailed Report:


This is something great about Wikimedia meetups, and I could get into touch with lot of people from the Indian community and Global South, apart from the usual MW developers. I didn't give a talk, but the work we did was showcased at the end of the hackathon.

Anything else[edit]

It was great to be in Esino Lario, and I enjoyed each and every moment of it. A huge thanks to the WMF and Team Wikimania 2016 for the scholarship, and it was my first one and the best till date.