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Event name[edit]

The 4th International conference for Arabic language


ويكيبيديا " الموسوعة الحرة كمثال يحتذى به " و

Participant connections[edit]

I have met so many people and they were very interested about Wikimedia projects specially Wikipedia education program.

  • Mrs/ Amal Ismail writer from UAE
  • Dr/ Badr El din Alaly Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League
  • Mr/ Samer Zaghlowl Public relation manger at Arab language center
  • Dr/ Mofak Kanfash professor for Arabic language in Barcelona
  • Dr/ Ammar Mohamed professor for Arabic language in Turkey


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One the most important thing is that a lot of People included professors did not know about Wikimedia projects and how it's work but I think I did good job to explain it to them and they were completely interested to explain it to their students, and I hope we can get good result in the near future.

  • I working in a project about start Wikipedia education program in the whole Arab countries with the League of Arab States.
  • I working to start workshops about "how to edit Wikipedia" for individual groups in UAE
  • I working to start workshops about "how to edit Wikipedia" for individual groups about Arab history.

Challenges and lessons[edit]

One of my biggest challenges I faced that many professors know nothing about Wikimedia projects, they know Wikipedia, but they did not believe in this encyclopedia and they ask their students to stop using Wikipedia. I discussed with many of them and explained the wiki system to them, asked them to help us improve all the information on Wikipedia or correct the wrong information. I think we have to participate in all the events related to any of Wikimedia projects


  • Registration for the conference $250
  • Accommodation $1768.01
    • the reservation and the payment made by the foundation.
  • Transportation inside $40.558
  • Food & beverage $70.731
  • Fine on the flight ticket $70.956
    • Because no one informed me that the flight hour changed to be at 13:00 not 14:00 and there was no contact information for me added to the flight booking.

Amount left over[edit]

Anything else[edit]