Grants:TPS/Ahmed Mohi El din/ The 6th International conference for Arabic language

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This Wikimedia Participation Support request was not funded. Reasons have been communicated with the request submitter on the Discussion page.

statusnot funded
The 6th International conference for Arabic language
summaryI got an Invitation to discuss how to increase the Arabic content on the internet by Wikipedia.
event locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
event date(s)1-4 May 2017
amount requested$1865
home countryEgypt
submitted on16:29, 5 April 2017 (UTC)

Proposed participation[edit]

I am an active Wikipedian also I am the co-founder of the Wikipedians Egypt user group, the main contact for the user group, the representative of the user group, member of the Wikipedia education program team and co-founder of Wikipedia Education program in Stem school . I have had invitation to the 6th international conference for Arabic language , where they want to discuss how to increase the Arabic content on the internet by editing (Wikipedia as encyclopedia & Education program) to show how Wikipedia is important for spread the knowledge also I will complete the work we started at 4th edition of the conference with the League of Arab state.

Goal and expected impact[edit]

Starting the Education program in the Gulf Area, complete the discussion about Wikimedia projects with Mohmed Ben Rashid El Maktum foundation, try making partnerships with the league of the Arab state. This will increase the Arabic content on the internet and increase awareness about Wikimdia projects.

Budget breakdown[edit]

Expense $USD
Travel $355
Accommodation $900
Registration $250
Per diem $360
Total $1865
  • Travel (round trip airfare from Cairo to Dubai )
  • Accommodation: $180 per night X 5 night.not included the city tax or sales tax. One more day after the conference because I can not find Late flight after the conference.
  • per diem : $60 X 6

Other instructions[edit]



  1. Support SupportWe should always have a representative of arabic wikimedia in this conference Touzrimounir (talk) 21:24, 7 April 2017 (UTC)
  2. Support Support the Arabic should have a leader to participate in issues of the internet space that are aligned to Wikimedia mission I support this Mompati Dikunwane
  3. Support Support This is Important International conference and will be good to represent Wikipedia there Mohamed Ouda (talk)