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This had been a submission to the Wikimedia Participation Support process, but was withdrawn or otherwise cancelled (not denied).

Creative Commons Summit 2017
summaryShare information about Wikimedia projects to the event's participants.
event locationToronto, Ontario, Canada
event date(s)April 28-30, 2017
amount requestedplease add the amount you are requesting (USD)
home countryCanada
submitted on09:40, 29 March 2017 (UTC)

Proposed participation[edit]

We are planning to send 4 representatives from Wikimedia Canada to the 2017 Creative Commons Summit held in Toronto April 28-30, 2017. The ties between Creative Commons and the Wikimedia movement are obvious. We are proposing to hold a booth for Wikimedia Canada/Wikimedia projects to share information about the Wikimedia projects to the summit's participants. It is a great opportunity for outreach for Wikimedia Canada, especially leading up to Wikimania. The representatives sent are all highly motivated and experienced Wikimedians involved with many projects in Canada and in the global movement. The proposed representatives are Benoit Rochon (President - Wikimedia Canada), Jean-Philippe Béland (Vice President - Wikimedia Canada), David Fourney (Treasurer - Wikimedia Canada) and another Wikimedian from Montreal.

Goal and expected impact[edit]

As a result of our participation at the Creative Commons Summit, the participants will become aware of the Wikimedia projects and their connection to the Creative Commons movement, and will perhaps generate new contributors. It will be an opportunity for Wikimedia Canada to do outreach to potential new members and promote the Wikimedia Foundation and its projects. We will also promote Wikimania being held in Canada in August.

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Travel
    • 1 participant local: 0 USD
    • 2 participants Montreal to Toronto (round-trip airfare): USD 427.64 x 2 = USD 855.28
    • 1 partcipant Ottawa to Toronto (round-trip airfare): USD 398.04
  • Accommodations: USD 150 per night x 4 nights x 3 rooms = USD 1,800.00
  • Meals: USD 37 per day (supper only) x 3 days x 4 people = USD 444.00
  • Meals in transit: USD 60 x 3 people = USD 180.00
  • Local transit: USD 60 x 4 people = USD 240.00
  • Registrations: USD 600 (USD 1,000 value)
  • Booth equipment (will used some we already have such as French language roll-ups and will be re-usable for future events in Canada)
    • Roll-ups in English language (French language ones are already made): USD 130.74 x 2 = USD 261.48
    • Table cover: USD 149.42
    • Wikimedia Swag (Dumast collection 50+attendees): USD 263.10 + shipping USD 30 = USD 293.10 (from the WMF) (leftovers will be re-usable for future events in Canada)
  • Total: USD 5,221.32 (TBC)

Note: Exchange rate used between CAD to USD of 0.74708 as of March 29, 2017 as per

Other instructions[edit]

  • Wikimedia Canada will manage the grant and do the hotel/flights reservations on behalf of the 4 individuals.
  • Wikimedia swag: promotional items to be given at events (will be used for this event and future ones held in Canada) from the WMF to be mailed to Wikimedia Canada.