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With Jimmy Wales.


I wrote a report in Azerbaijani which includes summaries of all speeches and discussions that I attended and it was also published on Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group page.

A few people from Azerbaijan have participated in Wikimania conferences. Wikimania 2017 was my first Wikimania conference.

The main problem of Wikipedia which is presented ın Azeri mainly related to vandalism by IP. In order to solve this issue, i made discussion with turkish and polish colleagues.

One of the executive from turkey recommend us applying the system which is called ORES, This system is extremely valuable for reducing such kind of acts. In order to apply above mentioned system, we try to co-operate with local community.


I was able to meet with many people involved in global work on Wikimedia, and we were able to share best practices and we have laid the groundwork for new partnerships. I also met up with Turkic speaking Wikimedians from Turkey, Iran, Bashkortostan, and Tatarstan. It is a great pleasure to discuss wikipedia with people who speak close tongues but live in different geographies.

Among the guests who came from Russia, I established new connections with people who can speak Turkish and work in wikipedia close to Turkish language. On the first day of the conference, we had a small wiki meeting with friends from the Turkish speaking countries. After returning to Azerbaijan, participation in Wikimania 2017 was welcomed by the local community. I gave an extensive interview to the official website of the Central Science Library, one of the centers of science in Azerbaijan, and the interview was also broadcast in the Youtube version.

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