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This had been a submission to the Wikimedia Participation Support process, but was withdrawn or otherwise cancelled (not denied).

summaryReporting and creating media on the Rio Paralympic Games
event locationRio de Janeiro, Brazil
event date(s)7-18 September 2016
amount requestedUSD 2039
home countryAustralia
submitted on14:10, 6 August 2016 (UTC)

Proposed participation[edit]

I am an active Wikimedian since 2006, contributing to English Wikipedia, Wikinews and Wikimedia Commons with contributions relating to Para-sports in Australia. I have received media accreditation to the Rio Paralympic Games, from the APC.

Previously I’ve contributed to prep work in the lead up to the London and Sochi Paralympics, this included interviewing and photographing Paralympians and their coaches.

Through covering the Paralympic Games, it will help to not only improve the articles relating to the Paralympics but also highlighting the positive neutral prospective content about people with disabilities, through the content production and the support of content production encourages more of this type of content by marginalised communities that Wikimedia is trying to attract.

Requesting funding though the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC), which is the National Paralympic Committee in Australia and receives limited Australian Government funding, isn't possible as they do not give out grants and applying for this grant avoids any accusations of COI issues of paid advocacy.

Supporting documents: London HOPAU Report, IPC Nor-Am Cup Report, 2012 IPC Nor-Am Cup (category), Wikinews category

Goal and expected impact[edit]

The objective is to further improve on the global coverage of disabled athletes and the Paralympics, on Wikipedia and on other projects such as Commons and Wikinews.

Deliverable to accomplish the objective is to:

  • Create articles on notable Paralympic competitors who don’t have an English and Simple Wikipedia article;
  • 3 articles on English Wikipedia associated with Summer Paralympic sport in Australia nominated for GA by the end of November;
  • 12+ news articles to be published on English Wikinews with 5+interviews of Paralympic competitors, with the audio recorded to be uploaded on Wikimedia Commons;
  • Video reporting and video of press conferences, uploaded on Wikimedia Commons to be used on Wikinews and possibly Wikipedia articles;
  • Updates to all notable biographies of Paralympic competitors on English Wikipedia;
  • 40+ Portrait photographs of Paralympic competitors to be used in notable biographical articles;
  • Organise a Wikimedia meet in Rio to be advertises on English and Portuguese Wikipedia;
  • At least five or more IRC sessions while attending the Paralympics to better coordinate the needs of Wikimedians efforts in terms of photographs;
  • Update relevant Wikidata entries to include links to commons categories, to ensure all content is linked through Wikidata to make it accessible to all language communities;
  • Post Rio Paralympics follow up with interested parties with presentations discussing my efforts of the games;
  • Paralympic workshops in Australia, post games;

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Travel: (round trip Sydney-Rio de Janeiro): USD 1500
  • Accommodation:
Sydney: USD 98 (one night at the airport)#
Rio de Janeiro USD 38.00 (R$120) x 7 nights = USD 266 (R$840)
  • Insurance: USD 70
  • Meals: USD 105 (USD 15 x 7 Days)

#: The overnight stay in Sydney is needed as the flight on the Sunday departs at 9:30am and I’m unable to get a flight that departs Wagga Wagga early enough.

Other instructions[edit]

Yes, I need advance disbursement but would be happy if you could book the flights. The hostel is booked but not yet paid for (free cancellation ends on the 20th August).