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Opportunities provided by TPS[edit]

  • Travel funding provides opportunities to deeply connect participants to the movement and each other.
  • Participation Support demonstrates an opportunity to reach a range of new Wikimedia grantees, including women and participants in the Global South.


  • The volume of requests and grants made in this program must be increased in order to fully realize its potential; the scale of use is too small with the current scope and setup.
  • Program pages should be redesigned for ease-of-use and to generate joy.
  • Simpler application methods should be investigated in order to keep the process open to a range of applicants.

SCOPE OF WORK for Travel and Participation Support Grants[edit]

TPS should fit into overall concepts of the look and feel of grants pages, be informative and inviting, & explain the purpose and intention of Wikimedia grantmaking. timing approximation in green


one week

Design document[edit]

Create a design document that outlines the requirements of the TPS process

  • Determine who will use it (read + talk with Siko)
  • Determine priorities of each user
  • Outline required pages and forms
  • Main landing
  • Application workflow (eligibility, application form, etc)
  • Surface applications in various statuses (open, funded, past, etc)
  • Surface reports (requirements, reports in various statuses, etc)

two weeks with one week of revision

Design development[edit]

  • Create mockups/wireframes, develop colors in line with grants programs, come up w/ a logo/theme/mascot

two weeks with one week of revision


  • Build pages and forms and process templates

three weeks with one week of revision


  • Make necessary revisions

one week with revisions

  • Increase the joy of Wikimedians