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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!





  • Option 3: New Creation*
  • During the Wikimania, a few developers came together to collaborate for building a community of Indian Wikimedian Developers to

help local Wikimedia community projects with their technical problems. We are still in the requirement collection phase and here is the link to the sandbox wiki page

  • Also during Hackathon, I got to know about an amazing problem statement - Sum of all paintings. Being from Computer Vision background I decided to work on this. Here is the link to the code of the work. My plan is to refine this work with Miriam (researcher whom I met at this Wikimania) and publish this as a hosted tool.

--- Here is the link to my blog post mentioning the Wikimania experience in detail.

Key Learning Experiences[edit]

  • Met Miriam and Diego from Research Team. Learnt a lot during Hackathon from them.
  • Met Andrew Lih, understood the problem he was working on Sum of all paintings, attempted to solve the specific subset of this problem - Generating a set labels by predicting on the basis of Paintings visual content, painter, time during which it was painted, tags of other paintings by the painter.
  • Learnt SPARQL query language
  • Experienced the non-technical side of Wikipedia
  • Interacted with a lot of people from technical and as well as non-technical community.
  • Developer's from Indian Wikimedia community decided to stay more connected via. Google Groups

Sessions I attended[edit]


Day 1[edit]

Day 2[edit]

Day 3[edit]


I met a lot of people from the Developer community as well as Editorial Community. The hackathon event was the place where I met Meriam, Diego, Andrew where I learnt a lot from them.

Anything else[edit]