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28th February - 2nd March
Event location (city)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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USD 845
  • I support the funding request of Harsh as he submitted very good Mediawiki related talks and a workshop for FOSSASIA and was accepted as a speaker. Would be great if it works out. Mario Behling (Organizer FOSSASIA 2014)
  • Harsh recently gave two talks at FOSDEM in Belgium and he managed to create a good impact there. I attended his recent talk at Gnunify and it was great and saw many newbies getting into MediaWiki. I hereby would like to endorse this grant request, as I am quite sure he will create the same impact at FOSSASIA too! All the best Harsh! :) BPositive (talk) 13:59, 17 February 2014 (UTC)
  • I have known Harsh as volunteer to MediaWiki for a long time now, have also co-facilitated workshops with him. I believe, he would be a potential representative of MediaWiki developer's community at FOSSASIA, as speaker and also otherwise. --Sucheta Ghoshal (talk) 12:07, 19 February 2014 (UTC)

Budget breakdown

  • Travel(Round-trip economy class fare from India to Phnom Penh and back): USD 600
  • Accommodation: USD 35 per night x 4 nights = USD 140
  • Visa: USD 25
  • Local Expense : USD 80 (20 per day) (if any amount remains unused I wholeheartedly will return it )
  • Total : 600 + 140 + 25 + 80 = USD 845

Proposed Participation


About Me


This is Harsh Kothari, from Gujarati Wikipedia Community. I have been a Google Summer of Code intern in Wikimedia Foundation in summer, 2013. Moreover, I am mentoring at Google Code In for Wikimedia Foundation. I have been contributing in Wikipedia and Mediawiki for last 2 years, and as a volunteer. I have also been involve with different outreach programs across Gujarat.



I have one talk and one workshop that got accepted at FOSSASIA.

  1. Talk : How to Become Wiki [Media] Wiki Hacker
  2. Workshop: MediaWiki Gadget Kitchen Workshop

Contribution to Wikimedia Foundation Mission:
Two of my proposals got accepted at FOSSASIA in which one is How to Become Wiki [Media] Wiki Hacker and second is MediaWiki Gadget Kitchen Workshop. In first talk I will introduce different ways to contribute in Wikimedia and MediaWiki. How one can actually do kick start to become Wikimedia / MediaWiki contributor. So that more people can understand various pathways to contribute and then more contributor we will find from ASIA.

The Workshop consist 2 hours of hands on session about MediaWiki Gadget Technology. In this workshop I will demonstrate How to create Gadgets / UserScripts, technology behind gadgets and how it is useful for readers and editors.

So these thing will definitely lead to increase reach and technical participation in MediaWiki as well as Wikimedia Foundation from ASIA.

Goal and Expected Impact


FOSSASIA is renowned open source conference across ASIA and developers from different parts of ASIA as well as from the world will attend the conference. This thing is very important. My 1st talk is about how to contribute to MediaWiki. In that, my goal is to present various ways of contributing to MediaWiki. Right now, there is very less contribution from ASIA region to MediaWiki. This talk will be helpful to get some newbie developers to contribute to MediaWiki.

My 2nd Workshop on MediaWiki Gadget Kitchen. This is important because Gadgets and Userscripts are the easiest possible ways to start contributing to MediaWiki. Thus, it will be helpful to get newbies start contributing and will thus turn out good for MediaWiki. The ultimate goal is to make the participants familiar with the gadget, userscript, the concept and technology behind it with some practical gadget making session.

I will be touch with the participants of the session and workshop via IRC, Mailing List. Along with me, there are other Indian MediaWiki contributors as well who will be attending the conference and this is a great opportunity for us to interact personally with other developers from around the world and understand the way they conduct outreach programs and the content they use. Having friends from India would also be useful during the workshop as they can help the participants too.