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Grants:TPS/Himeshi/SMWCon Fall 2013

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User name
User location (country)
Sri Lanka
Event name
SMWCon Fall 2013
Event Web site
SMWCon Fall 2013
Event date(s)
28th Oct 2013 - 30th Oct 2013
Event location (city)
Berlin, Germany.
Amount requested
1260 USD
  • As Himeshi's Google Summer of Code mentor, and a longtime SMWCon organizer, I strongly endorse this request. Yaron K. (talk) 04:18, 26 August 2013 (UTC)

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Travel: 140,000 LKR = 1060 USD (approx)[1]
  • Accommodation: 50 EUR * 3 = 150 EUR = 200 USD

Proposed Participation[edit]

I am an active MediaWiki contributor (gerrit profile and other contributions[2]) and also a Google Summer of Code intern working on the project to implement section handling in the Semantic Forms extension. I have discussed with my mentor, Yaron Koren, and would like to talk about page section handling in the Semantic Forms extension, co-presenting the talk “Semantic Forms: What’s new, what’s still missing”. As I am near to completion with the main project of implementing page section handling in the Semantic Forms and PageSchemas extensions, I am interested to work on a few other new additions to these extensions as well (such as implementing inherited templates in PageSchemas). I would therefore like to talk about the future work I plan to do fitting it into the same talk.

Additionally participating in this event would give me the opportunity to meet with actual users who will be making use of the work I have done - and am hoping to do - as well as other SMW developers. This, I believe will provide me with better perspective to my work and undoubtedly help me with future contributions.

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

My successful participation at the conference would mean that the attendees will get to know of the newly added functionality of handling page sections to the widely used Semantic Forms extension and the PageSchemas extension. Moreover the audience will also be able to learn about the work I plan to do in the Semantic Forms and PageSchemas extensions and I too can get feedback and additional input on it by discussing with actual users and other developers.

Although not a direct impact, I hope my participation will spark interest in fellow students from my university (University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka has had the highest number of Google Summer of Code interns for several consecutive years including this year and has a lot of enthusiasm for open source development) to take up contributing to MediaWiki.

Other sources of funding[edit]

I also hope to apply for funding of (up to 500 USD) provided by Google's Open Source Office to Google Summer of Code interns for mentor approved travel.


  1. Round-trip economy class ticket from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Berlin, Germany and back.
  2. This repo was forked and used as the base for the Git2Pages extensions and thus I am credited as an author in it.