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Welcome back from Wikimania 2017!



MediaWiki development


  • Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?

Timeless was deployed to and testwiki.

Of everything, the most significant thing that I achieved would probably be the initial deployment of the Timeless skin to two Wikimedia production wikis (T154371), with first the resolution of blocker tasks, followed by the full deployment process including configuration changes, scap, etc with the go-ahead of Greg Grossmeier and round-up of a bunch of ops. This was made immediately possible through the efforts of Kunal Mehta, who spearheaded the deployment itself, and also Derk-Jan Hartman and Bartosz Dziewoński, who in particular worked on helping with the blocker tasks, as well as quite a few others whose names I also can't spell, building on the efforts of many others who've contributed over the past few months/years. Work continues online as more and more communities are asking to have the skin deployed to their projects as well, reporting bugs, and providing other feedback. All in all, it was a huge success, with positive responses, wide-reaching support, and very useful feedback continuing to come in from quite a few different angles as work continues.

Other projects:

  • 13 logos made for various wikimedia/hackathon projects (T173266 - 3 still queued) - I announced at the beginning of the hackathon that I would make terrible logos for anyone who asked, and people asked.
  • Skin refactorings and tasks for future system consolidation - steps toward making all skins properly structured, with full mobile support. Currently even Timeless doesn't fully work on mobile, though. Deployment makes for some very thorough testing, it seems.
  • Support for screenshots of extensions/skins added to the mediawiki installer - legoktm tried to get me to do this, so I badgered him into doing it, and Bartosz actually made screenshots for most of the skins. End result is a win on all our parts, because it happened at all.


  • See The workboard has absolutely ballooned since Wikimania.
  • Talked to various people about their projects to make logos for them. Also other random discussions, as I sort of made a point to go talk to different groups at meals and such, as opposed to just hanging around my cabal as I often do. Talked to one guy about his work photographing northern Canada, which is just cooool. Another about parsoid, which is terrifying. These people are wizards or something.